4 Cities With The Most Energy Efficient Buildings

December, 10, 14

4 Cities With The Most Energy Efficient Buildings

  • 4 Cities With The Most Energy Efficient Buildings
4 Cities With The Most Energy Efficient Buildings

Friendliness to the environment counts a lot when it comes to the inspiration behind saving energy with the building of efficient homes. It entails the ability to reduce the use aspects that will pollute the environment along with the capacity to sustain the limited sources of fuel that exist on our planet. Chances are that unless you have ignored all forms of communication from the media. You would have also heard of the changes to the climate that some scientists have attributed to the wasteful and damaging by-products of using fossil fuels.

Technology has been looked at to help mitigate these effects. There are a number of recognized cities around the world, known for their energy efficiency. Energy Star certification is one metric for tracking the efficiency of a broad range of things ranging from appliances to buildings. Buildings with this certification have shown to be able to save money and cut down on energy being wasted while not sacrificing performance and quality of life.  Here are four of the top cities in America with the most energy efficient homes.

1. Los Angeles

LA stands as the city with the most Energy Star certified buildings, totaling 528 homes. The city has managed to save more than $130 million in the recent five years. An example of just one of the top Energy Star certified buildings in the city is at 12100 Wilshire. This is a 350,841 square foot, 19 story building that has motion sensors, which helps to switch off the lights whenever no one is around. The parking garage and the entire building utilize energy saving lights.

2. Washington DC

The home of the American President, which hosts the White House, has 462 Energy Star certified buildings. It saved more than $127 million, along with a saving of 83,100 from the yearly electricity emission. One of the leading Energy Star certified buildings is the One Franklin Square, an office building that 12 stories tall, measuring 592,000 square feet. The building saves more than 1.6KW per hour every year. The building also has an on-peak shedding system, which helps to save the energy more.

3. Chicago

This is also one of the cities with the most energy-efficient buildings, which stands at about 352 certified buildings. It managed to save more than $93 million, and a yearly electricity use from 118,400 homes. The top Energy Star building is the Richard J. Daley Center. This is a 31-story building that measures 1.5 million square feet, owned by the government. It has an energy program that shuts down the fans system when they are not needed. This has helped to save more than 5 million KW per hour, and over $530,000 in a year.

4. New York

This city has about 320 Energy Star certified buildings, which managed to save more than $144 million and a yearly electricity emission from more than 63,000 homes. The top structure that is Energy Star certified is the 230 Park Avenue. This building was initially built in 1929, but it has had a number of upgrades. The most significant upgrades include load shedding, improved lighting, and a management system of the building. These improvements helped to reduce the energy consumption by 200,000 thermal units per square foot, as well as limit the emission of carbon by about 7,000 tons every year.

The primary aim of the energy efficient buildings in these cities is to ensure that enough money is saved, for the sake of other enhancements. The buildings always receive extra improvement, all for the sake of saving enough electricity consumption, and the overall costs of the electricity. This is with the consideration of the facilities and other features of the buildings and homes, which help to save energy.

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