5 Best Fidget Spinners For Performing Tricks

June, 19, 17

5 Best Fidget Spinners For Performing Tricks

  • 5 Best Fidget Spinners For Performing Tricks
5 Best Fidget Spinners For Performing Tricks

Fidget spinners are all the craze right now and kids and adults alike are buying them to relieve stress or just to play with. There are many types of spinners available in the market like spinners with LED lights, or spinners for stress, but just like with every moving gadget, there are now some really cool tricks that you can perform with it!

Ranging from easy to difficult these tricks are performed with one or multiple spinners and requires precision and great balance. The spinners too need to come with certain features to help maintain that balance and momentum that is needed.

Here the best fidget spinners to buy if you want to learn or perform some spectacular stunts.

The Gorilla Spinners High Speed Fidget Spinner lets users flick and spin for minutes with its unique design that features 3 metal balls. It guarantees up to 80 seconds of spinning time due to its premium high-speed steel bearing. It provides the perfect balance for doing simple as well as difficult and crazy tricks.

Its sleek design looks great and sets it apart from the usual plastic spinners. There are 3 ways to play with this spinner, so carry it around with you everywhere and whip it out for some fun!Read full review

The Exsport Fidget Spinner has been made with premium aluminum and provides a harder and shockproof structure that is durable. It features a removable bearing that is easier to maintain and elongate the life of the spinner.

Get longer spinning times and perform new tricks to impress others. The heavier body allows for a more balanced spin and helps practice tricks with ease.Read full review

The Illicit Supply Fidget Trick Spinner has been specifically designed for learning and doing tricks by pushing the envelope. With a durable design that is compact and easy to carry around, the spinner provides a spin time of around 3-5 minutes.

It is equipped with high quality hybrid ceramic bearing that ensures a smoother spin, perfect for doing tricks with one or more spinner. It also comes in a custom storage box for safe storage and traveling with.Read full review

The Fidgeteer Fidget Spinner comes along with a pouch and warranty and both ensure its security in case of damage. Made using customized bearings and individual colored frames, it provides a powerful spin that is elegantly balanced.

For this, it comes with a concave center cap that sits perfectly on any finger, making it great for performing stunts and tricks with. Enjoy your spin time till up to 2 minutes.Read full review

The Infina GoTwiddle Triangle Hand Spinner has a sleek and beautiful silver-toned deign with balls in between the prongs. The premium r188 bearing allows it to spin for extra long times of up to 2 to 5 minutes, on a flat surface or on your hand.

Featuring great balance, it is a good spinner to start learning tricks on and then progress to more difficult ones. Its light and compact size lets users carry it around in the pocket and use it at any time they want. It also comes in a circular case with cushion foam for protective storage.Read full review

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