7 Glasses For Those Who Love Their Drink

May, 7, 15

7 Glasses For Those Who Love Their Drink

  • 7 Glasses For Those Who Love Their Drink
7 Glasses For Those Who Love Their Drink

Everyone likes to drink once in a while – at a party, on a date, just because you like to drink… Whether you are an occasional drinker or just an over enthusiastic one, there are some amazing glasses in the market that can take your drinking game to the next level!

Have a look at these, fun, cool and unique glasses to add to your drinking regimen. 

The Drink / Drunk Ambigram Shot Glasses have been created by Fred and Friends, who are a product designing company located in Rhode Island. The shot glasses come in a set of 2 and have been made from glass. They should be hand washed only and can each hold 4 ounces of your favorite liquor.

So, the next time you and your friends are having a competition of who can have more shots, use these ambigram shot glasses to determine the winner! Since an ambigram is a word that reads two different things when read from opposite sides, these shot glasses say the word 'drink' when kept upright...Read full review

The Whiskey Wedge Ice Glass is perfect for people who enjoy having their drink neat on the rocks. Unfortunately when clubbed with ice, the drink quickly gets mixed with the melting water and gets diluted, but no need to worry about that anymore!

This glass has an included silicone mold that can be used to create a wedge shaped ice cube, reducing the surface area of the ice that is touching the liquid and in turn your drink doesn’t get watered down as fast as usual.

The Whiskey Wedge Ice Glass has been designed by Corkcicle and can hold up to 1.5oz of sweet liquor for you to...Read full review

Whether it is a Jäger-bomb, an Irish car bomb or a Sake bomb, we all know how tough it is to not get hit in the face by the shot glass at the end of the drink. Why waste such a delicious drinking experience with a face slap?

The Drop Shots: Magnetic Shot Glass and Pint Glass are the perfect answer to anyone’s drinking dreams. It comes in a set of 2 pint glasses (16oz) and 2 1.5oz shot glasses that can be combined to mix two different liquors in one drink. All you have to do is simply pour out your base liquid in the tall glass and the main liquor in the shot glass and then drop the...Read full review

Have you every been so drunk that you wondered whether you are the one whose a little tipsy or if your glass is? With the Tipsy Wine Glasses you can add to the confusion and trick your mind wile enjoying a nice glass (or 2 glasses or 5…) of wine.

Sold in a set of 2, these wine glasses are slightly bent, giving you the illusion of them being tipsy! They have been created from glass and can hold up to 20oz of liquid.Read full review

Designed specially to sip and small the yummy flavor of cognac, the Spinning Top Cognac Glasses come in a set of 2 and are quite a delight for every cognac lover. The bottom of the glass is in the shape of a top, so when you keep them down, they start spinning and release the tasty cognac aromas.

A classy way to sip your favorite drink, these are 11cm in diameter and can hold 0.52cl of liquid. They are dishwasher safe but it is better to hand wash them instead.Read full review

Is it a beer glass? Is it a shot glass? Well, it the best liquor glass ever created!

The Beer Drinking Glass With Shot Glass is a unique combination of the two that can hold a pint of beer and 2oz liquor in the shot glass. The shot glass is integrated into the bottom side of the beer glass. So, the next time you are drinking beer and feel that you need a shot of hard liquor, just flip your glass, take your shot and simply get back to beer drinking.Read full review

Nerds and geeks like to party too, and with the Periodic Beer Glass their swag just got turned up a notch!

A chemistry major would probably think twice before combining beryllium and erbium at the lab, but at the bar the combination is a must! A very cool glass with the periodic table abbreviations that spell beer on the front, this beer glass will definitely get you a second look at the next party.Read full review

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