7 Top Augmented Reality Children’s Books 2017

January, 11, 17

7 Top Augmented Reality Children’s Books 2017

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Childhood has its good side and also its own set of challenges. And speaking of challenges, sometimes it’s a very confusing time for both parents and kids. So a good number of parents - and teachers to continuously refine their life skills and try as hard as they can to guide their children through the vitals of the modern day times. Top amongst the most challenging things that they must achieve is to teach their kid(s) or students (in the case of teachers) how to read.

Augmented reality children’s Books create a new digital overlay. Yes, you will get the print version but on top of that, you will also get an app or digital version overlaid through other means such as PlayStation to help bring the characters to life. In short, an AR book contains several elements that cannot be made out with the human eye but can be seen through devices and gadgets.

So I’ll take you through a list of top augmented books that are not just catchy and captivating but incredibly interactive.



Books and Magic , a Danish firm, has taken The Little Mermaid, a fairy tale by Hans. A. Andersen, created a book out of it from which the images can be viewed via the company’s augmented reality app. Forget about the cartoon version because the book is largely based on the original fairy tale.

In it are hand drawn artworks designed to be directly related to the storyline and text. Scenes will be brought to life in 3D atmospheric environments. Interactive objects, animated characters and the sound compliment the book. We all know just how interactive 3D can get...Read full review

An amazing Monstropolis world. With its digital magic on AR, Monsters, Inc. brings all your favorite furry friends to life with mind-boggling animations that you can interact with on your computer screen.

With this book, you can see what you’d look like as a monster (also allows you to dress up as a monster virtually), become friends with Mike and view him as he does impressive tricks. You can even go ahead to play a game right on the scare floor where among other things you can slam the door on Rascal Randall.

monsters_inc._-...Read full review

Here’s a brand new experience from Playstation 3 that has to be seen to be believed. Being taken out of your lifestyle and told that you have magical powers is immensely intriguing. Book of Spells is an AR game that’s aimed at giving you the chance to feel like you are playing with such powers, thanks to the great hardware tricks it greatly succeeds.

The book places you in an AR version of Hogwarts with the particular brief of learning and applying a little of Harry Potter's Spells, most of which are featured in the books. As you progress, the power of the spell...Read full review

Even mind blowing is not an adjective strong enough to describe Marvelous Machines . After a successful campaign on kickstarter , it finally come out late last year and it doesn’t disappoint at all. It’s an augmented reality book of its kind. With the app, you can bring the pages to life and just looking at the animations and other interactive features accompanying the story you’ll be sold out and so will your kids.

Best of all, the app is available on both Android and the iOS platform but besides that, there’s a total of thirty pages worth of incredible...Read full review

Goodnight Lad was Brad Grimm’s first successful project on Kickstarter before Marvelous Machines. It’s a truly magical experience not just on some but all its pages and it guarantees your family lots of fun for all the time spent interacting with it.

Just pick up your phone, point it to the book and viola, all pages will be brought to life. Then you will watch dance and play around on top of every page. Isn’t it amazing? If you’ll want some interactions with the pages, just touch the pages. Characters will be brought to life and from there you will be able to...Read full review

King of the Railway is a companion to the film Thomas and Friends . The app features the much-loved characters of the movie and all you may want to know about the new faces, Caitlin, Connor, Stephen and the Earl of Sodor.

It works with any android unit that has a camera. Due to its use of HD resolution 3D models, performance is based on the device’s memory and CPU power.


With this AR, you can help Fat Controller to load Thomas with crates. Race Spencer and Gordon to see who’s faster. Polish and Fix...Read full review

Popar Princess and Her Pals is a free to download augmented reality app that brings stories to life. You can read the book as it is - a kid’s simple story about some colorful princes who are all getting ready for the rainbow ball along with their animal friends. But then the app comes along to take your reading experience to a whole new level.

You can choose different modes within the app. First is the read along book mode which reads the stories to you when you hold the app over each page. At the same time, the app also allows you to interact with the...Read full review

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