Action Cameras: What to expect in 2017

Action Cameras: What to expect in 2017

Technically speaking, 2017 has been good to us so far. For instance, smart devices from every conceivable company pairing with Amazon’s smart assistant Alexa at this year’s CES 2017, wallpaper-thin TV screens being unveiled at the same conference, a plethora of fun play toys for grownups, name it. Amongst all these, one of our favorites has to be the newly out action cameras.

Must have features

Any action camera enthusiast worth their salt knows it is not always just about the camera enduring a rough and rugged terrain. It’s also about the clear and crisp picture, ultra-wide viewing angles and the staying power of the battery among other things.

So let’s delve into the “other things” you should look out for this year in your action camera.

Mounting capabilities: A great action camera should have several mounting options. This makes it versatile. It can be used in any environment e.g. at a dirt bike race, an extreme skate-boarding competition or a leisurely scuba dive.

Waterproof exterior: A waterproofed camera is a must have as makes it possible to enjoy the depths of the sea or document that extreme wave while surfing. The camera should be able to endure water conditions to a substantial depth (33 to 50m depths).

User friendly features and settings: Features and settings are of paramount importance. You must know what each button on the camera represents.  Otherwise, you might just click on the wrong button during a crucial shot and miss it all together.

Value: Does it make sense to buy an expensive camera that doesn’t offer you value for money? Of course not! Therefore it should come as no surprise that we recommend that you scour the stores and internet for the best buy.


Although released in 2016, GoPro’s Hero5 Black is a great example of what to expect in 2017. According to GoPro, the Hero5 Black was one of the best selling digital cameras both in units and dollars in both the US and EMEA markets.

The camera has specs that take the action recording experience from just an adrenalin rush to a full blown mind blowing experience. Without a case, you can use it to record footage at water depths of 33 feet.  You can control it using voice command and the rear placed color LCD screen makes for pleasurable viewing.

Well at par with GoPro’s best offering, Garmin is another industry great with the knack of producing very adaptable action cameras. The Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 is a great addition to your on the move moments or adventures like running a marathon or enjoying a fitness session.

It can easily be linked to your fitness devices in order to record such footage. It also has voice commands and comes in a waterproof case for those underwater moments.

With such a fine array to choose from, more that is perhaps more sophisticated and advanced when it comes to features remains to be seen as we sift through 2017. Meanwhile, you can have a look at the top action cameras we have so far in 2017. 


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