Airvada Diodon Drone - World’s First Inflatable Drone

Airvada Diodon Drone - World’s First Inflatable Drone

  • Airvada Diodon Drone - World’s First Inflatable Drone
Airvada Diodon Drone - World’s First Inflatable Drone

With the immense popularity of drones and quadcopters, the industry is set to come up with new and advanced ways of making it better, and produce drones that are unique and more useful than before. While companies like DJI are focusing on foldable arms for portability (example – their DJI Mavic Pro Drone), Airvada has come up with a cool concept that not just makes drones compact, but also safe in water and more convenient.

Their Diodon Drone is touted as the world's first inflatable hexacopter and comes with deflated arms. This allows it to be folded away into a small size and fit inside a carrying case with ease for travel.

To use, fliers just need to blow it up and it becomes buoyant enough to even land on water and not sink, all without getting damaged! This waterproof design also provides a convenient way to fly in rain, record action sports in water or even fly near water bodies.

The main components of the drone are all fitted inside a central waterproof box, while the motors and foldable propellers are fixed on 6 inflatable arms.

There are 3 version of the drone that will be released into the market:


  • 200 g
  • Payload example: HD video downlink system
  • Folded: 200x200x100 mm
  • Unfolded: 600x600x100 mm
  • Endurance: up to 20 min


  • 400 g
  • Payload example: 2-axis stabilized HD video downlink system
  • Folded: 300x300x150 mm
  • Unfolded: 800x800x150 mm
  • Endurance: up to 30 min


  • 1 500 g
  • Payload example: Optical and LWIR sensors on 3-axis stabilized gimbal
  • Folded: 400x400x200 mm
  • Unfolded: 1500x1500x200 mm
  • Endurance: up to 35 min

All 3 drone versions come with the common characteristics that they are waterproof and have the ability to add a wide variety of sensors on their body. It takes about 60 seconds to fold or unfold the drone, making it convenient to use!

Each drone also comes along with:

  • Compact and rugged ground station
  • Compact electric pump
  • Special transport bag

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