Alexa, Could You Be A Murder Witness?

Alexa, Could You Be A Murder Witness?

As technology becomes a bigger part of your default life with each passing day, investigators now seek the help of devices for solving various crimes. In an investigators' quest for technology-based evidence, an Arkansas prosecutor is asking Amazon to provide information from a murder suspect's Echo smart speaker that could contain important data about the crime committed.

The Echo is a voice-activated smart device that can answer questions, read news, play music, and much more. This particular one may be able to help the investigators shed some light on how a man was found murdered in 31-year-old James Bates' hot tub.

Amazon is fighting back on the grounds for American privacy rights, as Benton County Prosecuting Attorney Nathan Smith believes that the defense may be hiding something of importance.

On the other hand, Bates' defense attorney, Kimberly Weber, has claimed that the police will find nothing of importance regarding the case, and even applauded Amazon for protecting Bates’ privacy.

James Bates was arrested last February on suspicion of murder, and is currently out on a $350,000 bond, with a discovery hearing scheduled for March.

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