The Apple Watch Is Here!

The Apple Watch Is Here!

On their 9 March 'Spring forward' event, Apple disclosed some more features about the much awaited Apple Watch and announced its launch.

Since the time Tim Cook unveiled the Apple Watch almost 6 months ago, consumers and Apple fans have been eagerly waiting for its release and the internet rumor mills have been ripe with speculations about how the watch look, feels and what features it contains.

Promised as "worth the wait", Apple has confirmed that you will be able to pre-order the Apple Watch from 10 April, and it will be available on sale from 24 April. The first few countries to get the device will be UK, US, China, France, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong Canada and Japan, with other countries to follow.

Do you use an iPhone?

Before you get too excited to buy the Apple Watch, you need to know that you will have to be using any iPhone in order to use their watch, as it is only compatible with iOS and not any other platform.

Different models and combinations

While all other smart watches come in just one or two editions, the Apple Watch has a number of different models and combinations to choose from. You can choose from 2 sizes – 38 mm and 42 mm, 3 types of models – Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch ad Apple Watch Edition, and a variety of different bands that are interchangeable

There are 38 different official combinations that can be made for the Apple Watch when combining the type, size and bands. However, there are many third party companies who are also creating new bands that can be worn with the Apple Watch, so the combination can be endless and you can pick and choose anything you want!

For now we are going to be discussing the official combinations that can be created all the elements sold solely by Apple.

Apple Watch

Simply called the Apple Watch, this model is available in stainless steel (silver) or black stainless steel with a sapphire glass front and has the most number of possible combinations with 20 on offer.

It is going to be available in both the sizes with different bands, where some are only going to fit the 38 mm model.

With the silver version of the Apple Watch you can choose from a black sport band, white sport band, Milanese loop, black classic buckle and link bracelet, in both small and big size. On the other hand, soft pink, brown, black, and midnight blue modern buckle will only fit the small model and the stone, bright blue, black, and light brown leather loop only the larger model.

The black stainless steel model can be bought in both sizes but only features a link bracelet. 

Apple Watch Sport

The Apple Watch Sport model comes in silver and space gray and features an anodized aluminum for the casing with an Ion-X front instead of the sapphire glass.

With silver, you can choose from 10 simple combinations in this collection with 5 colors – blue, white, black, green and pink, all available in small and big sizes.

The space gray model is only available with the black band.

Apple Watch Edition

The premium model, Apple Watch Edition will be created using 18-carat gold with a sapphire glass. It will be yellow or rose gold in color and will features 6 different combinations.

The yellow gold model will be available in the smaller size with a bright red modern buckle, while the rose gold model will be available in both sizes and have a white sport band.

Another rose gold model in small size will have a rose gray modern buckle while, a yellow gold model in 42 mm size with feature either a black sport band or midnight blue classic buckle.

Price range

Apple Watch Sport – 38mm: $349

Apple Watch Sport – 42mm: $399

Apple Watch – 38mm: $549 – $1,049 (Prices vary based on the band you choose)

Apple Watch – 42mm: $599 – $1,099 (Prices vary based on the band you choose)

Apple Watch Edition: $10,000 – $17,000

Image Source: Apple

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