Best iPhone 6 Cases For The Gym

Best iPhone 6 Cases For The Gym

A new iPhone calls for some new cases, whatever situation you might need to use your phone in. After spending your hard earner money on buying such an expensive device you have to make sure you keep it in great condition, avoiding any scratches or bumps on the phone’s surface.

If you are a fitness freak and like to spend hours in the gym, you iPhone must definitely be a great companion to listen to your music on. Whether you just want to keep your phone well protected or want to be hands free when at the gym, these 4 iPhone 6 cases are a great choice for use at the gym.

Speck CandyShell grip case

Price: $34.95

Colors: Dark blue on light blue, pink on black, black on white, black on green, grey on black, blue on pink, orange on green

The Speck CandyShell grip case is not only great for saving your phone from scratches and bumps, but will also e able to give you a better grip on your phone. As the name implies, the grip case has strips of rubber running up and down the back to ensure an easier and steady grip.

So, while you work out the phone will not go flying out of your hand because of all the sweating. It has a raised lip and so it keeps the iPhone protected from all sides. Your phone’s screen is also slightly recessed, so you don’t have to keep worrying about keeping it down screen-first. Its solid body and easy to use design, makes it great for use and protection.

OtterBox Defender series case

Price: $34.25

Colors: Grey, grey on purple, black, grey on pink, green on blue, various patterns

The Defender series case from OtterBox is like armor for your phone. Equipped with 3 layers, it is great for protection against impacts and accidental drops. This case also has a built-in screen protector, so you don’t have to keep worrying about your screen getting scratched cracked by mistake.

The case will also help you keep dust and sweat out of the phone’s ports and is very convenient to use. it also features a belt clip so you don’t have to keep holding the iPhone in your hands or looking for a safe spot to keep it while exercising.

Spigen Slim Armor case

Price: $16.99

Colors: Grey and black, gold and black, red and black, mint and black, silver and black, pink and black, blue and black, white and black

The Spigen Slim Armor case has dual layer protection that will save it from drop at the gym, and it also features a slim look that is uncommon in most protective cases, keeping the look and feel of the phone intact.

This case is also surprisingly thin and lightweight, giving your phone a beautiful and elegant look. While the case doesn’t protect the phone’s ports from dust, it is great for protection and has the added advantage of looking great!

Supcase armband case

Price: $19.99

Colors: Pink and black

Since most of the sports clothing that we wear to the gym does not have any pockets, it becomes quite difficult to listen to your songs on the phone. This is why the Supcase armband case is a great choice to buy. It features a case and armband combo that is the perfect for use while exercising, since it keeps your hands free and also protects and keeps your iPhone safe.

The silicone case covers the phone extremely well and saves it from accidental falls. The armband can be attached to the case and phone easily and the band can be adjusted to your size. It also lets all the phone’s buttons and screen stay functional, without you having to remove it from the cover every time.  

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