Book of Spells – J.K Rowling Wonderbook

January, 11, 17

Book of Spells – J.K Rowling Wonderbook

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Here’s a brand new experience from Playstation 3 that has to be seen to be believed. Being taken out of your lifestyle and told that you have magical powers is immensely intriguing. Book of Spells is an AR game that’s aimed at giving you the chance to feel like you are playing with such powers, thanks to the great hardware tricks it greatly succeeds.

The book places you in an AR version of Hogwarts with the particular brief of learning and applying a little of Harry Potter's Spells, most of which are featured in the books. As you progress, the power of the spell builds up and makes you feel like you’ve earned your wizarding spurs.

In the past, AR technologies weren’t initially fascinating to behold and made you struggle to maintain your attention. However, the Book of Spell is a game that uses AR to create something that’s very compelling

The book magically transforms into the Book of Spell which of course features heavily in J.K Rowling’s books, and the feeling of holding it is exciting. While your hands tell you that you are holding a move, your other senses all fold into believing that you are grasping a wand.

You also get some Potter-related tasks like linking your Book of Spells to your Pottermore account, choosing a horse, and generating a wizard photo. Each chapter contains one or two spells, which are introduced before you learn the gestures and incarnations. Gestures are easy to grasp because there is on screen instructions.




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