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Newly out GoPro Hero 6
October, 29
Thinking about having a website was creeping until not so long ago. We know since the very beginning of the internet that if we have a business or off...
September, 28
GoPro held a special event on Thursday in San Francisco called “The Moment” and has released two much-awaited action cameras – the GoPro Hero 6 Black...
GoPro Releases Two New Cameras And Upgrades The Karma Drone
GoPro‘s New 360 Camera, Fusion – Features, Price And Release Date
June, 16
It is a bit of a surprise that GoPro is revealing any details about their newest product to hit the market before it actually releases! The company is soon to launch their new 360 camera, called the GoPro Fusion, which is the first step for them towards virtual reality.GoPro has given us a sneak...
Action Cameras: What to expect in 2017
March, 13
Technically speaking, 2017 has been good to us so far. For instance, smart devices from every conceivable company...
Finally, Cheaper Action Cameras are Here!!
March, 13
You can’t mention action cameras and leave out GoPro. A huge part of the credit goes to them for revolutionizing how we...
Flir Duo Thermal Camera For Drones Revealed At CES 2017
By Arshiya
January, 12
Flir has been in the business of manufacturing thermal imaging devices for a really long time, but over the years they...
GoPro Hero 6 - Features And Release Date 2017
By Arshiya
January, 10
Update 23/06/2017: In a roundtable interview with the press at the GoPro Mountain Games, GoPro CEO Nick Woodman hinted...
GoPro Hero 5 Gyro Stabilization Explained And Tested
December, 12
The newest feature added to GoPro action cameras is advanced video stabilization in the GoPro Hero 5 Black and GoPro Hero 5 Session. The feature works...
LG To Release 4k Action Camera That Live Streams
December, 9
The newest addition to the LG action camera range is the LG Action Cam LTE, which seems to be making quite a buzz. The action camera is equipped with...
Think Twice Before Updating Your GoPro Hero 5 Firmware if You Use After Market Batteries
December, 8
Many GoPro users buy off brand batteries for their action camera because the original ones are very costly. If you use a GoPro Hero 5 with off brand b...
April, 18
GoPro Hero 5 Upcoming Release Date 2016 - With Amazing New Features
UPDATE 19/9/2016:GoPro has finally released their newest action camera the GoPro Hero 5! But as a su...
October, 31
Gopro Hero 4 Silver – Features, Design And Quality
For the past few years, every GoPro camera model’s Black version has been top of the line with the b...
GoPro Hero 5 Upcoming Release Date 2016 - With Amazing New Features
UPDATE 19/9/2016:GoPro has finally released their newest action camera the GoPro Hero 5! But as a surprise, there are 2 new models available – Hero5 Black and Hero5 Session. No news was given about th...
Mercury – The World's First Universal Camera
July, 11
“What if you could shoot old Polaroid film, Fuji’s current Instax version, huge medium format negatives, large sheet film, and digital, all with the...
GoPro CEO Reveals Hero 5 Release Date, Plan To Streamline Products, And New Software For Desktop
March, 15
Since the GoPro Hero 5 release was pushed back, the upcoming release date for the Hero 5 has been under question. But finally, the company has made...
Nikon Keymission 360 Is A 4K, 360-Degree Action Camera
January, 11
Nikon recently revealed their foray into the action camera market at CES 2016 in Las Vegas. They have released a new action cam that is compact,...
Have You Seen GoPro’s 360-Degree Videos On Facebook Yet?
November, 16
Recently in September Facebook started providing 360-degree video support that caters to a virtual reality headsets. GoPro recently released their VR...