CES 2016 – What To Expect This Year

CES 2016 – What To Expect This Year

The biggest and much awaited consumer electronics convention is here to start off the new year! CES 2016 or the Consumer Electronics Show starts on January 6 in Las Vegas and will be on till January 9, with a showcase of new and mind blowing consumer gadgets.

While some companies like Samsung have given away information about the new products they will be displaying at the event, others are waiting to surprise audiences with their innovative new gadgets and technologies. Many hundreds of small and big businesses will be showing off their products aimed towards tech innovators and consumers - so there is something for everyone to forward to!

A lot of these gadgets are bound to create an impact on the consumer technology market through the year, and will also allow the growth of better technology for next year’s event. Many popular devices from previous years CES events have become a much needed and important part of the technological field and have done excessively well with consumers. These include Blu-ray discs, HD flat-screen TVs, VHS recorders and gaming consoles like the Xbox.

Electronics and technology wise, audiences can expect everything from drones and quadcopters, automobiles and robots to jewelry, appliances and televisions, with the guarantee that the technology displayed at the show will be smarter and friendlier than ever before!

This annual tech extravaganza with feature over 3,600 exhibitors and the products and innovations are spread over a number of different sectors.

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Virtual Reality

It seems like Virtual Reality will finally become mainstream in 2016 and will be easily accessible to consumers. Sony, HTC and Oculus will all be showcasing their latest VR headset models and news on the price and availability will be provided.

HTC will be showing their renovated Vive headset and Sony will provide a hands-on experience with their PlayStation VR headset.


Another area of interest, drones and quadcopters ruled CES 2015, and this year will be no different. GoPro’s already announced camera-wielding drone known as Karma is expected to make an appearance. While other companies like PowerUp FPV, Fleye and Uvify will also be showcasing their small and unmanned aircrafts.

The Federal Aviation Administration will also be giving out information regarding the new regulations and UAS registering process for drone at their booth at the CES event.

CES 2016 – What To Expect This Year


This year too Samsung and LG will be showing their newest and most flexible TV screens, so audiences will see a kind of bendable screen technology from these TV makers.

HDR or high dynamic range will be in focus for providing sharper and more realistic content on screen. Amazon has already made shows in HDR, but as there aren’t many TVs that support this, it will be a great an addition. Also, Netflix is supposed to be also releasing HDR shows, but its not know if an announcement will be made.

And of course, 4K and 8K TVs will be seen.


Apparently, Fitbit will be making a big announcement at the event, but no details have been given. Rumors suggest their products will now be equipped with improved features like sleep tracking, coaching and maybe even stress management! They may even be partnering with a few fashion brands.

Aside from a number of different smart watches, and health and activity trackers from Misfit, companies like Huawei will be launching a new smart watch created for women.

CES 2016 – What To Expect This Year

Smartphones, music devices, computers, tablets and cameras

Apart from these really cool products and devices that will be featured at CES 2016, the event will definitely have a number of new smartphones, music devices, computer hybrids and cameras.

EZVIZ will showcase the reasonably prices FIVE action cam that records video in 4K at 15fps, while Livestream will unveil the super wide angle 150-degree 4K lens camera called Movi, which is "the pocket-sized live event camera that let’s you edit while you film.” In fact, Samsung has also unveiled a smart fridge that is equipped with a camera and giant touchscreen!

Full scheduel of the show canbe found here

Checkout videos from the show here

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