DJI’s Newly Out Zenmuse X7 Sets Pace For Drone Cinematography

October, 13, 17

DJI’s Newly Out Zenmuse X7 Sets Pace For Drone Cinematography

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dji zen muse x7
Evolving technology has made it possible to shoot movies with the help of cameras but this isn’t exactly common. Hardly will you come across a drone camera with the resolution, quality lenses or capacity to produce footages great enough to be used in movie making. 
DJI, however, seeks to turn things around with their newly released Zenmuse X7. Touted as of its kind across the world, the super 35 Digital Camera comes fully optimized for professional drone cinematography. 
As for which specific drone to use it with, the creators of this masterpiece camera designed it to function smoothly with DJI Inspire 2 drone
Three things set the X7 camera apart and they include the ability to deliver exceptional image quality, a new color system, and the interchangeable lens. 


It’s possible to shoot at various excellent resolutions with the Zenmuse X7. More important to mention is that the top resolution is the highest you will ever possibly see in an integrated drone camera. 
You can shoot 6k CinemaDNG Raw or 5.2 K Apple ProRes at up to 30fps. And if you want your footage a little lower than that, you can go for 3.9k CinemaDNG Raw or 2.7k Apple ProRes at up to 59.94FPS.
Also worth mentioning is that the large Super 35 sensor complete 14 stops of dynamic range helps the camera to capture more details in dim setups. 

Mount and Lenses

Unlike the many existing drone cameras, the X7 utilizes a dedicated mount system named the DJI DL-Mount. It’s optimized for better holding of the carbon fiber lenses available with the following focal lengths: 16mm, 24mm, 35mm, and 50mm. Each lens has the maximum aperture set at f/2.8. 
The 16mm lens comprises a built-in ND 4 Filter for better fine-tuning and other advanced adjustments while the other three have a mechanical shutter.

New Color System (DCCS)

DCSS basically means DJI Cinema Color System. As we mentioned earlier, the new color system adds versatility to the camera’s functionality. This means it can handle different lighting conditions with utmost precision. 
On top of that, it has a D-Gamut RGB color space to preserve enough color information just so that you have a wide color range to choose from based on the filming scenario in question.
Overall, the DCSS represents the best of color science today. 

Cinematographers and Pro Photographers

Paul Pan, the Senior Product Manager at the company stated that both professional photographers and cinematographers are set to gain from the camera’s unique features such as the large Super 35 sensor, superior lenses, advanced color system, and new mount. 
The features, he added, will give them the proper set of tools for use with the DJI Inspire 2 drone to create exceptionally great footages that can easily be merged with other shots taken with pro movie cameras. 

Price and Availability

Compared to those in its category, the Zenmuse X7 is relatively expensive and for good reasons. You will have to part with $2,699 to lay your hands on the camera. The 50mm lens is priced at $1,199 while the other three retail at $1,299 each. If you wish to buy the full set comprising the four lenses, you will have to part with $4,299. 
Starting early November 2017, you will be able to have the items shipped to you from the DJI store. ( and through other DJI authorized dealers across the world. 

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