DJI Announces Another Event For 24 May 2017

DJI Announces Another Event For 24 May 2017

UPDATE 24/5/2017: The DJI Spark has been released by the company at their live 24th May event in New York! At $499, it is DJI's smallest and cheapest done yet, filled with the company's signature technologies.

DJI has been very busy this year! Just days after its recent event on 23rd April, the leading drone and quadcopter manufacturing company has already sent out invites for their next, which is within a month.

At the recent event, they announced their much-awaited Ronin 2 gimbal as well as advanced drone accessories like DJI Cendence, Tracktenna and CrystalSky. Their DJI Goggles too went on sale, only to be sold out within hours!

Their new May invite says “seize the moment” and puts emphasis on a BIG announcing. Seeing this emphasis on size, rumors are running wild that this could finally be the announcement for the recently leaked DJI Spark, which is being called the DJI Mavic Pro’s little brother.

After the high popularity of their Mavic Pro, releasing a smaller drone priced under $999 and equipped with some of DJI advanced flying features will be a dream come true for consumers. From the leaked pictures and videos, many features of the DJI Spark have been guessed, but DJI being the mysterious company they are, haven’t commented on anything yet.

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