DJI Announces Spring Sale: Save Up to $150 On DJI’s Best Products

April, 9, 18

DJI Announces Spring Sale: Save Up to $150 On DJI’s Best Products

  • Spring sale dji 2018
Spring sale dji 2018

Popular drone maker, DJI, has just announced a spring sale on their best-selling models.  With this sale, you can save up to 20% on popular and best-selling DJI products, like the recently released Mavic Air, Mavic Pro, Phantom 4, Osmo+, and many others.

Please note that you have until the midnight of 14th April (PST Time) to place your order and enjoy this amazing discounts.

Here’s what to expect:

Mavic Drones

Mavic series enthusiasts have another reason to smile because the esteemed Mavic Pro now sells at $899, which is $100 lower than its usual price of $999, and comes with a free battery as well. Also on sale is the Mavic Pro platinum version, which includes the DJI Goggles and goes for $1398, allowing you to save $150.

On any other day, you would have to fork out $1299 to land yourself the Mavic Pro Fly More Combo, but this time round, you can save $150 and get it for $1149. DJI’s latest release, the Mavic Air, has also not been left out. You can get it, together with the DJI Goggles, for $1298, which is a drop from its usual price of $1448.

Phantom 4 Drones

Phantom 4 drones stand out because they are the largest and most powerful among DJI’s line of drones. Normally, you would have to part with $1948 and $1748 to own the Phantom 4 pro and Phantom 4 Advanced drones respectively, together with the DJI Googles. But thanks to the spring sale, the price for both is down by $150 to $1799 and $1499 respectively.

Spark Drones

DJI’s most affordable drone, the Spark, is now more affordable than ever. Until 14th April, you have a chance to purchase it for only $399 and save $100. If you would love the DJI Spark Fly More Combo, the price is down by $50 to $549.  Spark’s remote controller is also down from $149 to $119.

Extra Discounts

If you would to own DJI Goggles without any other item included, count yourself lucky as well. Rather than pay $449, utilize the few remaining days to get it for only $349 and save $100.

DJI’s intelligent Osmo+ handheld camera has also not been left out. It’s pricing having been dropped from $649 down to $499, now you have a better chance to own it and save a whopping $150.

Let’s face it, such offers don’t come very often, especially from DJI, which means you have a rare chance to get yourself some of DJI’s best products at more affordable prices. So, place your orders now. 

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