DJI Intelligent Flight Modes – ActiveTrack

DJI Intelligent Flight Modes – ActiveTrack

ActiveTrack is one of DJI’s innovative and intelligent flight modes incorporated in their drones like DJI Mavic Pro and DJI Spark. Such modes have made flying so much easier and have given fliers access to a new way of taking aerial pictures and videos as well.

What is ActiveTrack?

When drones that allowed users to access a FollowMe mode came around, this was considered revolutionary for the drone and quadcopter world. This technology by DJI basically takes the FollowMe mode to another level.

When using ActiveTrack, you can track a moving object with the drone as the DJI drones have the ability to automatically recognize objects and then track them according to their speed and what the object is.

While tracking the object, the drone can also avoid crashing into things, as it is equipped with sensors and an obstacle avoidance system, allowing users to get seamless shots of their subject.

The drones come with advanced image recognition algorithms that allow them to recognize a wide range of objects whether it is people, cars or animals. By recognizing them, they can adjust their flight dynamics to match the object and take smooth shots. You can even capture fast moving objects with ease so taking a complex shot is simple.

ActiveTrack lets users follow and capture their subject, getting stable, continuous videos and pictures with a great angle while keeping the object perfectly in the frame at all times.

DJI Intelligent Flight Modes – ActiveTrack

When using ActiveTrack, fliers have the option of choosing sub modes that allow you to get the exact shot you want. These are:


The drone can track the object from the front or from behind it and the flier can even make the drone circle around it.


Record your subject from a fixed perspective by flying parallel to it.

The above two modes are present in both the Mavic Pro and Spark, but the Mavic also has another one:


It allows the flier to lock the drone’s camera on the subject while they can fly in any direction.

How to use ActiveTrack?

Choose the ActiveTrack option from intelligent flight modes menu on your smartphone. You can initiate the tracking of the subject by tapping on it. If it's green, it means the drone has recognized the subject and you are ready to start flying filming!


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