DJI Intelligent Flight Modes – Quickshot

DJI Intelligent Flight Modes – Quickshot

DJI has perfected aerial technology and has found new and innovative ways for fliers to get the best pictures and videos while flying. Taking another step forward in this direction, DJI’s newest drone, DJI Spark comes with an intelligent flight mode called the Quickshot.

What is Quickshot?

Quickshot provides the ability to take smooth and stable videos of yourself without having to learn the art of flying as well as taking the perfect shot – with this mode, the drone does all the work for you.

The Spark can take professional footage and pictures of you with amazing cinematic composition. Earlier, fliers would have to practice for months to attain a level of flight control and understanding of maneuvers to get the right speed, angle and distance.

It comes with 4 autonomous flight patterns called Rocket, Dronie, Circle and Helix that make taking that right shot even easier.



In this mode, the drone flies upwards with the camera pointing directly down. This shot makes a great way to slowly reveal the area around the subject and show a larger view.


When using this mode, Spark flies backward and upward with the camera framing the subject at all times. This is different from Rocket because the drone is flying back and up at an angle instead of flying straight upward.



Circle is quite self-explanatory and in this mode the drone flies around the subject, keeping it in the frame at all times. While the above two modes start from a lower height or from near the subject, circle can be used to film a close up around your target or shoot from afar.

This mode is a great addition as manually performing this task is quite difficult. Circling around a target while maintaining a stable height and speed only comes with a lot of practice.


A very cool addition, this mode is like a combination of all the above. It starts like Dronie does, near the subject and then start flying back and up, also circling around the subject. With this mode you can be sure to get every angle of the situation you are recording. Fly upward, spiraling around your subject.


How to use Quickshot?

Quickshot can be used by putting your drone in P Mode and selecting Quickshot from the intelligent flight modes menu. Tap on your subject for the Spark to recognize and then from the bottom of the screen pick one of the 4 sub modes. Hit GO to start flying and recording with your drone.

Remember, that at any time you can also stop the drone from flying and just hover by pressing the red X on the screen.

Once you are done recording, DJI’s app also allows uses to edit their footage and add text and music. Then, easily share your Quickshot on social media websites. 


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