DJI Intelligent Flight Modes – TapFly

DJI Intelligent Flight Modes – TapFly

DJI’s intelligent flight modes are as popular and loved as the drones they offer themselves, and with each new range of drones, they are sure to have a slew of new flight modes, better than before. Being the leading manufacturer of drones and quadcopters, the company now has some much needed and easy to use modes that make flying a dream.

What is TapFly?

TapFly is one the major intelligent flight modes offered by DJI and is available in their newer ranges of quads including the DJI Mavic Pro Drone and the DJI Spark Drone. When chosen, this mode makes the whole act of flying much simpler. This is because it allows users to control the drone and fly it by simply tapping on the screen!

By tapping at a spot on the screen, you can propel the drone towards that direction or to that spot, without having to navigate it manually using a remote controller. This makes flying much simpler specially if you are a beginner or if you are using the drone for photography and videography.

This easy way to getting the drone from one place to another is not just convenient but also lets users enjoy their flying time and reduce the damage done to the drone while flying manually.

You may be wondering what if a tree or another object comes in the way of the drone while it is automatically flying. A crash or bump can be easily averted thanks to the DJI drones’ Obstacle Avoidance System that works due to the sensors present on the drone’s body.

These sensors ‘see’ the objects in the way of the direction it needs to fly and automatically moves away from it, going back to its selected direction of flight. Though this depends on the lighting conditions as well and it should not be too dark (< 300 lux) or too bright ( > 10,000 lux). The drone’s head also needs to be facing the direction of the obstacle for it to be able to best avoid it.

DJI Intelligent Flight Modes – TapFly

There are two ways to use the TapFly intelligent flight mode – Coordinate and Direction.


When using Coordinate, you can tap the screen and the drone will fly to the spot that you have chosen while maintaining a certain altitude.


In this, the drone will keep flying in the direction you tap on the screen.

How to use TapFly?

To use TapFly, put your drone in P Mode and select TapFly from the intelligent modes menu. As a default, it is set to ‘Coordinate’ but it can be changed to ‘Direction’ using the option at the bottom of the screen.

Pick one of the modes and then hit GO to start flying your drone to the particular spot or direction. In between the flight, you can change the place it is heading to by tapping to another location or dragging your finger on the screen to change direction.

Remember, that at any time you can also stop the drone from flying and just hover by pressing the red X on the screen.


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