Drone Fleet Management Made Easier With DJI’s New FlightHub

November, 14, 17

Drone Fleet Management Made Easier With DJI’s New FlightHub

  • dji intelligent flight hub
dji intelligent flight hub
We all know DJI as the manufacturer of drones but it appears they are more than willing to help you manage your drone as well. Not too long ago, the Shenzhen-based manufacturer unveiled a web-based application named FlightHub whose aim is to help enterprises manage their drone operations from a single spot.
Those mainly targeted include inspection, construction, search and rescue missions, and disaster response industries. It has come to the attention of many businesses that they can actually cut down costs while maximizing efficiency through the use of drones. 
By unveiling this application, DJI is out to make sure those with drone fleets have an easier time managing them, which also adds to the efficiency. 

How the Application Works

Map & Real-Time View

With the map view, offsite teams will have an easier time coordinating multiple drone teams as well as simultaneous flights. And with the real-time display, both onsite and offsite teams will be able to access live video feeds from multiple drones (up to 4). 
Also important to note is the geo-fencing data, which is the kind of information one needs to keep their drone within the required airspace. One can as well obtain other useful telemetry data that could be useful in enhancing drone operations. 

Easy Access to Flight Logs & Statistics

As a web-based application, FlightHub comes complete with a set of features that allow a user to sync and also store historical flight data from their drones in a secure and searchable database. Thus, your flight logs will be uploaded automatically. 
With such data, it’s easier to ensure regulatory compliance, enhanced team management, and pilot accountability, the size of the fleet or project scale notwithstanding.

Equipment Tracking and Team Segmentation

Another significant function this application does is let you track equipment usage in each drone, in addition to segmenting your teams by location, type of mission and/or client. You will, therefore, know where to place administrators, pilots, and captains; manage them; and ensure the function of each is maximized. 


The application is compatible with all enterprise drones from DJI Matrice 200 Series, Phantom 4 Series, Mavic Pro and Inspire 2 drones. You can gain access to this data from just about any browser, via an Amazon Web Services server. 


You have a choice of three packages to choose from. They include:


  • Goes for $99
  • All features included except real-time view
  • It can manage up to five drones. 


  • Priced at $299
  • All features included
  • Let’s you manage up to 10 drones


  • Manages more than 10 drones. 
  • All advanced package features and an additional ability to integrate flight data into private cloud but in future.
  • No set price. Contact a DJI enterprise dealer to discuss the purchase the package
Note that even though the subscription-based service went live on November 7 (pre-orders only), it’s not until after December 14 when the open beta program is complete that access to the service will be given. Preorders can be made through this link.
FlightHub is among the many developments DJI has been making in trying to enhance drone management, data, and privacy. Through this application, businesses now have a chance to maximize the use of drones in enhancing their different operations.

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