Electrify Your LEGOs with Brixo Building Blocks

June, 8, 16

Electrify Your LEGOs with Brixo Building Blocks

  • Electrify your lego with brixo
Electrify your lego with brixo

Back in the 90s, when I played with my set of LEGOs things were very basic.  At first my parents started me out with giant LEGO blocks and I would build houses and then show my creation to my parents. 

As I got older, my parents bought me smaller LEGOs along with kits that showed me how to build things.  I built things from cars to the walker from Star Wars.

Then LEGO Mindstorms came out. 

This was LEGOs introduction to making your LEGO creation move with sensors and motors.  

I remember building a robot that scored hoops and making a remote controlled car that I drove around up stairs. 

A lot has changed since I was a kid.

Now there are new ways to electrify your LEGOs

Unlike LEGO Mindstorms where wires were used, you can get your kid Brixo Building Blocks.  

With Brixo Building Blocks, your kid can add an interesting touch to their LEGO creation. 

These Brixo Building Blocks would be great for any kid over the age where the parents deem it’s no longer a choking hazard. 

Now your child can add a light to the LEGO home they made, make a moving car, or even a helicopter. 

With these Brixo Building Blocks, your kid’s options are no longer bound to a motionless world of LEGOs.  

This would add a whole new dimension of fun for your kid.

So for the child that has almost everything made by LEGOs possible, you might not have seen these Brixo Building Blocks.

It is a new modern concept for LEGOs and if I was still a kid, I know I would definitely enjoy playing with this, so more than likely your kid would definitely enjoy these Brixo Building Blocks.


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