Fidget Spinners – Everything you need to know

June, 12, 17

Fidget Spinners – Everything you need to know

  • Fidget Spinners – Everything you need to know
Fidget Spinners – Everything you need to know

There is a new trend spinning its way around the world and has taken the Internet by storm. They came somewhat overnight, but fidget spinners are all the rage these days and have become the must have product to get all of a sudden.

This sudden popularity has definitely left people puzzling over what the whole concept of fidget spinners really is. Still wondering what these whirring contraptions are? Here’s everything you need to know to join the bandwagon.

What is a fidget spinner and how do you use it?

Fidget spinners are not a new invention and in fact came out much before, but didn’t catch the same kind of popularity they did this time around.

A fidget spinner was essentially released as a toy for children in the 1990s but gained popularity in 2017 when videos of tricks started surfacing online. The toy now holds a reinvented purpose since it is being marketed as a stress reliever for children as well as adults.

A spinner is made from a number of materials or a mix of them, and a basic design features a middle consisting of a bearing with three prongs going outwards. These bearings in the center help in reducing friction and instead spread the weight of the spinner evenly, letting it rotate at a fast and steady pace.


To use it, you have to hold it in between your thumb and a finger. Another finger flicks the prongs to keep the momentum going and the spinner spinning. This momentum is said to be the stress relieving factor as it provides a pleasing sensory experience just like with a squeeze ball, keeping the mind occupied.

Usually, people use a pen by clicking it open and close to deal with this stress or by flicking a lighter on and off. A fidget spinner provides a much easier way to deal with stress instead and is also a product that can be carried with you anywhere. Keep it in your pocket or in your bag and take it out to use anytime you feel the need!

The spinners are now available in a number of cool and bright colors, as well as in varied designs and materials such as plastic, brass, steel, copper, etc. You can even buy some cool fidget spinners with LED lights or those spinners that are specifically made for doing stunts and tricks.

Toy or stress reliever?

Re-released as a stress reliever and focus enhancer, fidget spinners are said to aid children and adults with various stress and attention problems.

Apart from stress relieving, these toys have also been said to help people who have problems with focusing or fidgeting, like those with ADHD, autism, or anxiety. The spinner works as a release mechanism for the pent up nervous energy or stress and helps in releasing it out of the body.

They are used by various school children suffering from the above problems as well, but experts have divided opinions on fidget spinners as some dispute its scientific basis and say that instead of helping with maintaining focus they actually are more distracting.

The scientific basis for the help that these toys provide is not very sound as yet, so these debates may be understandable. Many experts also claim that the extremely bright colors and LED lights may, in fact, distract the users from what they are actually trying to achieve and break focus. 


Cool quotient

Another big fact that made this toy so inexplicably popular so fast is that you can perform some really cool tricks with it! It is impossible to scroll through any social media feed without watching at least one video featuring fidget spinners these days. In fact, there are some specially made spinners for performing tricks with available in the market.

Just the act of spinning or playing with the toy is enough to give you hours of mesmerizing and fun filled time. Learning and performing tricks and cool stunts by passing the spinner around from one hand to the other or even using multiple spinners at the same time can be a cool thing to learn.

Are fidget spinners safe?

Since the spinners have been used as a way for children to reduce attention deficit and have a way to focus by maintaining a constant hand gesture, many psychologists have prescribed that children suffering from diseases like ADHD should use it. Parents too seem to agree with this method of help.

But the small size and the fast pace that we use these spinners at, they can pose a danger to young children.

For a while, schools allowed children to have fidget spinners with them in schools, but now most of them have started banning them due to the fact that they may not be as physically safe for children as they should be. It is easy for the spinner to slip out of hand, and hit the eye or even hurt another person who is nearby.

They are not the most safe and children can even throw them causing severe injuries. Spinners made with metal and harder materials especially pose a threat to children so it is important to pick the right one when choosing for your child.

While the debate about the safety and usage of these fidget spinners is going on, the trend itself is getting more and more popularity and only time can tell how long this fad will actually last! If you want to get on the bandwagon and try your hand at fidget spinners, whether to help you with stress, focus or even just to pass some time with tricks, the time is now!

Fidget Spinners – Everything you need to know


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