Finally, 8K Screens & HDMI 2.1 Are Here With Us (CES 2017)

Finally, 8K Screens & HDMI 2.1 Are Here With Us (CES 2017)

  • Finally, 8K Screens & HDMI 2.1 Are Here With Us CES 2017
Finally, 8K Screens & HDMI 2.1 Are Here With Us CES 2017

CES 2017 succeeded in making every tech lover's dream a reality. The conference this year was awash with spectacular drones, speakers with voice assistants, smart home devices, and robots among other things.

However, one of the most memorable unveiling must be Dell's 8K 32 inch monitor, closely followed by the announcement of HDMI version 2.1 which is able to support 8K video with HDR at a refresh rate of 60Hz (the refresh rate allows the monitor to determine how many times it can refresh an on-screen image).

For the non-tech savvy, this means you are in for a fully immersive and detail-oriented viewing experience. As we begin to see the first 8K monitors and TV screens which are prototypes appear, we can expect some incredible specs once the real deal comes through.

More Specifications

For instance, just the pixels on Dell's 8K monitor at CES 2017 number up to 33.2 million. That is 7680 x 4320. The desktop monitor made out of aluminum also comes with 1.07 billion colors and up to 100% Adobe RGB and sRGB color gamuts coverage. It also has 80% of the newest UHD Bluray rec 2020 gamut and 98% of DCI-P3 professional gamut.

Dell further thrilled at CES 2017 by informing the public that the UP3218K monitor is ready for production. This definitely beats competitors like Sharp's 27-inch IGZO prototype which is still being refined.

Expected to be available from the 23rd of March 2017, it is primarily aimed at the graphic design, advertising, photography and video editing industry because of its scope of detail.

However, industry insiders say that we don't have GPU's able to drive 8K monitors resolution. Some estimate that it may probably be another 5-7 years before a GPU that can make that plausible even hits the market. What’s more, market forces driving new technology are slow at their best and once here they may not achieve mainstream adoption as has been experienced with 4K panels four years later.

HDMI version 2.1 one needs cables that can support up to 48Gbps bandwidth in order to pair with the 8K monitor. With the 2.1's game Mode VRR, there will be a variable frame syncing built into the HDMI specification. This is similar to adaptive sync but with a bigger impact. According to the HDMI Forum, Inc. press release, the release date is in the second quarter of this year.

Overall, it's been a nourishing year at CES 2017 with companies showcasing their best. Now, as we all eagerly await the promised UP3218K and it's pairing with HDMI version 2.1, keep in mind the words of the industry's pundits; it may be a while before we can really enjoy them.

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