Finding and Using Ditto in Pokémon Go

Finding and Using Ditto in Pokémon Go

Ditto has been a much talked about character in Pokémon Go, and players can finally catch it! Since mid November players have gained the ability to catch this Pokémon and many have already succeeded in doing so.

How do you find a Ditto?

Finding a Ditto is actually not as difficult as you might think. Since a Ditto’s ability is to transform into another Pokémon, you can probably find a Ditto disguised nearby. There are no special places you need to look, jut catch every Pokémon you see, because if it does turn out to be a Ditto, it will stop vibrating and say, "Oh?" then transform into its natural form. And voila! You’ve caught yourself a Ditto.

Dittos are hiding as common Pokémon like Zubats, Pidgeys, Rattatas and even Magikarps. The best way to locate them is to hunt with friends, as if a Ditto is discovered it will be revealed to all the trainers in the area.

How do you use a Ditto?

Training or battling with a Ditto is much different from using another Pokémon because its main ability is to transform. So when the Ditto goes into battle, it takes the shape of the first Pokémon it sees, which is the one it is battling.

Unfortunately though the CP and stats adjust, they don’t match what you're battling, so make sure your Ditto is tough before you go to battle.

In the event that a Ditto encounters another Ditto, the two will just wiggle around till the secondary move, Struggle, comes into play and ultimately one of them wins. 


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