First Glimpse Of Mavic Competitor From ZeroTech

First Glimpse Of Mavic Competitor From ZeroTech

ZeroTech, known for their Dobby Drone,  has been under the spotlight recently due to the leak of pictures of a new drone they are working on. This drone features a very striking similarity to the DJI Mavic Pro Drone, which is currently a favorite among flying enthusiasts.

The photos were first published on a drone rumor website called The blog shows pictures of the drone which is claimed to be called the ‘ZeroTech Hunter’ and it features a compact body with foldable arms, just like the Mavic Pro. There is also some speculation about the features of the drone, but nothing is confirmed yet –

  • It will have around 7 to 15 minutes of flight-time.
  • Can fly at a flight distance/range of 1.5km.
  • Features folding propellers.

Reactions to this drone are mixed – while many flying enthusiasts are tired of seeing similar copied designs, others are waiting to see if a cheaper Mavic is possible.

First Glimpse Of Mavic Competitor From ZeroTech

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