Flir Duo Thermal Camera For Drones Revealed At CES 2017

Flir Duo Thermal Camera For Drones Revealed At CES 2017

Flir has been in the business of manufacturing thermal imaging devices for a really long time, but over the years they have expanded to using this technology for smartphones accessories as well. At CES 2017, Flir recently revealed another adaptation of its technology – a thermal camera called Flir Duo that works with drones.

The Duo is as small as a GoPro and has two cameras. One of the cameras is 1080-pixel HD, while the other is a thermal-imaging one. The thermal images show the heat in colors, where orange represents hot, and blue is cool. Users have the option to use either of the cameras or use them together in a combined mode. This mode provides sharp thermal images because the overlays detail from the HD camera on the thermal photograph.

The Duo has been created for consumers and to use commercially, but there is anther version of the camera, called the Duo R that aims at professional usage. The "R" is for radiometric, and the camera helps in getting precise temperature readings from individual pixels of a thermal image. There are various applications for this camera and can help in advancing the use of drones in industries.

Due to its GoPro-like design, the Flir Duo cameras can be easily mounted on most drones. Though, the company has joined hands with drone manufacturer Autel, for non-Autel drones, you can use the Flir UAS app.

The Duo is priced at $999 and the Duo R will cost $1,299.


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