Game Of Drones - Aerial Warfare League Of Drones

Game Of Drones - Aerial Warfare League Of Drones

In the olden days we used to have fight clubs, now we have drone fight clubs!

A ‘drone fight’ is quite similar to watching any boxing fight – on either side you’ll see fliers prepping their drone just like coaches motivate their boxers at the last minute. The game works on a point system, where each drone starts with 3 points each, and they lose points when the drone hits the ground. The drone that reaches zero first loses.

If at any time, both the drones fall to the ground, then it is considered as a ‘Push’ and neither gets a point taken. In the event that a drone stops working, the flier has 90 seconds before he is declared defeated.

Exciting, isn’t it? Just like any fight this drone battle also garners a lot of attention and has spectators clinging to the edge of their seats in anticipation of seeing the winner.                                                                                                        

This sport was started back in 2013 when a couple of people with a background in robot making, designing, and engineering got together and formed a drone fighting club. It quickly got attention and a huge number of people from all around the globe showed interest in the project, which later turned into a formal organization called the Aerial Sports League or ASL. Now, ASL also supports various FPV drone-racing events.

You have the option of picking from 2 drone kits, which can be bought at the Game of Drones website for around $400 each. Both the drone kits are the same, and the only difference lies in the color of the airframe. A great part is that these drones can also be customized to your liking. 

Each kit comes with –

  • 1 frame cap
  • 1 Hobby King Octocopter power distribution board
  • 1 KK 2.0 HC flight board with programmer
  • 4 propellers
  • 4 RCManchild 2212 1000KV motors
  • 4 RCManchild 30Amp SimonK-firmware electronic speed controllers

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