Goodnight Lad - AR Children Book

January, 11, 17

Goodnight Lad - AR Children Book

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Goodnight Lad was Brad Grimm’s first successful project on Kickstarter before Marvelous Machines. It’s a truly magical experience not just on some but all its pages and it guarantees your family lots of fun for all the time spent interacting with it.

Just pick up your phone, point it to the book and viola, all pages will be brought to life. Then you will watch dance and play around on top of every page. Isn’t it amazing? If you’ll want some interactions with the pages, just touch the pages. Characters will be brought to life and from there you will be able to play drums, awaken sleepy mountains, pop balloons and so much more.

Above all else, there’s also a chance for you to customize the pajamas and readers. You can pick your favorite costumes as well as narrators whether superheroes or pirates and thereafter entangle yourself in a story of a young boy who hardly gets tired as he gradually morphs into a beast. You can buy this AR book from here.




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