GoPro’s New Trimming Feature For Cameras And App

GoPro’s New Trimming Feature For Cameras And App

Uploading the awesome videos you take of yourself doing all kinds of sports and adventure activities is kind of the point of recording yourself! But when you need to put these up on apps like Vine and Instagram, these need to be edited due to their particular video time limits. For instance, Instagram only allows videos that are up to 15 seconds long.

No hassle video trimming for your videos

GoPro has recently taken a step closer to wiping away your woes and has revealed a new feature that will let users crop and trim the videos that they want to upload with just the touch of a button.

Instead of having to transfer the file on your laptop or computer and then editing it, you can now directly use the “Trim” button, which is now available in the camera and on the GoPro app. It will allow you to trim the videos down to 1 second, 15 seconds or 30 seconds.

Though, GoPro has said that users of only a few models can take advantage of this feature and it will be available for – Gopro HERO4 Black with LCD BacPac, GoPro HERO4 Silver and GoPro HERO+ LCD.

An advantage of this new function is that whenever you trim a clip, it will be saved as a new file so that the original video is not edited at all.

To watch this feature in action, watch GoPro’s video below.



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