GoPro Introduces 3 New Cameras – Hero4 Black, Hero4 Silver and Hero

October, 16, 14

GoPro Introduces 3 New Cameras – Hero4 Black, Hero4 Silver and Hero

  • GoPro Introduces 3 New Cameras – Hero4 Black, Hero4 Silver and Hero
GoPro Introduces 3 New Cameras – Hero4 Black, Hero4 Silver and Hero

GoPro has introduced 3 new sports camera models recently, including 2 advanced models and an introductory model that is much cheaper.

"For the past twelve years, our passion has been to make it easy for people to self-capture jaw dropping, professional quality footage of themselves engaged in their favorite activities," said GoPro Founder and CEO, Nicholas Woodman.

"That passion led us to embark on our most ambitious design and engineering effort ever, and the result is nothing short of the ultimate GoPro — the Hero4 Black. We can't wait to see what the world captures with it," he added.

GoPro HERO4: The Adventure of Life in 4K

The two high-end Gopro action cameras are the Hero4 Black and the Hero4 Silver.

The Black model has been touted as the best GoPro camera so far and has the ability to capture 4K video at 30fps, twice the frame rate that the previous model was able to record. It can also record 1080p at 120fps, which GoPro claims is fast enough to "virtually eliminate" the unappealing rolling-shutter effect that happens when recording digital video. This camera is going to cost $499 in the market.

On the other hand, the Hero4 Silver is $100 cheaper than the Black model and substitutes the Black model's high frame rates for touchscreen controls. These controls have been added to the camera to make it much easier to use. This model can record 2.7K video at 30fps, 1080p video at 60fps, and 720p video at 120fps.

Both the Hero4 models have built-in Wi-Fi, are waterproof till 131 feet depth and can capture pictures at 12MP.

The third GoPro camera introduced is an introductory model that can be bought at a cheaper price of $129 as compared to other GoPro action cameras.

Though this introductory model called the Hero is far less capable when it comes to shooting speeds, it will be available at $129, about $70 lesser than any of the other GoPro models.

The Hero can record 1080p at 30fps and 720p at 60fps videos. It is also waterproof till 131 feet depth, but it does not have the high shooting speeds and useful features of the high-end models. Even though it just has basic features, the camera is still going to be beneficial for its small and tough design, and high-resolution video.



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