Gopro Launching Line Of Consumer Drones “Late Next Year”

December, 1, 14

Gopro Launching Line Of Consumer Drones “Late Next Year”

  • Gopro Launching Line Of Consumer Drones “Late Next Year”
Gopro Launching Line Of Consumer Drones “Late Next Year”

According to an article on the Wall Street Journal, GoPro is creating a line of consumer drones to add to its present range of action cameras. They are reportedly going to sell for about $500 to $1,000 and will have the GoPro action camera on them.

These drones would make a great supplement to the cameras from GoPro and are a great next step for the company as GoPro’s are already quite popular among hobbyists and videographers.

While GoPro has done a great job at producing the best first-party accessories for their action cameras, many other companies too are competing with them in the field and are focusing on bettering their current efforts. GoPro’s move into the burgeoning consumer drone market makes a lot of sense, since the company is already popular in that realm.

WSJ’s information claims that these drones will be launched sometime “late next year" in 2015.

GoPro will also have to ensure that what they offer in their drones is something different than their competitors in the market – Parrot and DJI. Both these companies are leaders in the consumer aerial drones market and have progressive camera features like onboard software image stabilization and 4K recording features for their drones.

In an email to WSJ, a spokesman for GoPro said that they are producing “jaw-dropping GoPro footage recorded from quadcopters,” or drones. He even added, “Earlier this year, to study the policy implications and to protect the rights of our users, GoPro joined the Washington-based Small UAV Coalition,” a drone-advocacy group.

GoPro can attract more customers by not only endorsing the use of their industry-leading action cameras, but also by offering price benefits that can rival their competitors. For instance, the DJI Inspire 1 sells for $2,800, so if GoPro can provide the same kind of advanced features combined with a lesser selling price, they may be able to find a wider consumer market for themselves.


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