Hologrid Monster Battle - Augmented Reality Board Game

January, 3, 17

Hologrid Monster Battle - Augmented Reality Board Game

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After a successful kickstarter campaign in which 824 backers pledged $101,311, Hologrid Monster Battle is finally here with us. The game went live  on Dec 8th 2016.  Are you a gaming enthusiast? Looking for something more enticing to add to your gaming repertoire? If you have answered affirmatively to both questions then you should know these words by heart. “When I first read about the game’s development my initial thoughts were muted…… however, my praise turned loud….I would call it groundbreaking, uniquely immersive and downright awesome”

Doesn’t ring a bell? Don’t worry you are not disqualified from the star wars hall of fame. These were the words of GeekDad. When we first read the sentiments expressed about Hologrid monster battle, we were a bit scared by all the raving reviews. Scared to hope that finally, a game has arrived that can give star wars fans a run for their money. Why star wars fans? Because Phil tippet, creator of the monsters on Dejarik, among other movie monsters has a hand in its creation.


Holgrid monster battle is really an augmented reality adaptation of Dejarik, the holographic chess game on Millenium Falcon that was played by C-3PO and Chewbacca. To create the board and the team of monsters to fight on it, real cards are scanned by cameras from a smartphone or a tablet in order to bring the character on the card to life in 3D. The cameras create the augmented chess board where the monsters are superimposed over a flat surface like a table.  Once the setup is done, a few taps on the smartphone or tablet and the monsters begin to battle it out accruing points as they bite off minion heads and all the good gory ruckus. Since the game doesn’t use any of the star wars characters, Phil Tippet and his team at Tippet studios created a new barrage of monsters.

Important Things to Note About Hologrid Monster Battle

You will have to purchase the card packs like the Nintendo 3D console cards- only the game is attached to the card in this case. After downloading the free app, put the cards in the line of view of the smartphone or tablet’s camera on a flat surface. The characters will come to life and the game begins.

In the game, each side builds its deck and tries to support its army of monsters using tactics that build the monster’s abilities. They do this by picking two minions, two spells, and a champion each with different abilities. The fight is to keep the champions alive because the death of the champion means defeat. Players can move around the table and even zoom in to study the battlefield. The spells are useful in teleporting your enemy or building allies while the minions are sent to wreak havoc.

An observation, though, the creatures do have the familiar moves of some Dejarik scene in star wars. This is to be expected considering both were designed by Phil Tippet and are strongly co-related. Tippet is a master at designing these monsters and together with Happy giant’s photogrammetry (the extrapolation of 3D images from 2D images), the two worlds have created real word digitized monsters.

To sum up, the play is evenly matched as one doesn’t have to wait for their best card. You can play it with a friend or online with a partner who has their own cards and the hardware. Tippet has done it again. Just like he breathed life into the star wars and other movie monsters, he did the same for the Hologrid monster battle creatures. For just $35, you can have this game. Click here to make your purchase.



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