Hubsan To Release “Plus” Versions Of Their Quadcopters

January, 31, 15

Hubsan To Release “Plus” Versions Of Their Quadcopters

  • Hubsan To Release “Plus” Versions Of Their Quadcopters
Hubsan To Release “Plus” Versions Of Their Quadcopters

The Hubsan H107D has been one of the most popular mini quadcopters that the company has ever produced and has been a starting point for many who wanted to take up FPV flying as a hobby.

Hubsan is now going to release a “plus” version of this, along with 2 other toy-grade quadcopters.

The H107D+ will now feature a new 720P camera and will have a stylish case. There is also a chance that it will have better stabilization than it previously did, but this is not yet confirmed.

Another speculation is that the quadcopter’s remote still receives and records videos and pictures in standard definition only. Unless the company lets go of this and decides to move to an in-copter recording solution, this will not change.

At the moment Banggood lists the price for the H107D+ quadcopter as USD $199, but it can change as no confirmation has been given.

The other new “plus” model by Hubsan is the H107C+ that will have a few more additions to it. The quadcopter will have a 720p camera and an all-new altitude hold mode. The package is quite great considering that it just costs USD $99 (not confirmed), but it just records video and does not transmit for FPV flight.

Finally, the third and last “plus” model is the H107L. While it is not equipped with any camera, it will still see an upgrade in looks and may even have a stabilization upgrade. The quadcopter could cost around USD $50.

As of now no confirmation has been given on any of the features, specs or even when the quadcopters will be available to patiently waiting fans.


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