The Hubsan X4 Plus Series Is Now Available On Gearbest!

September, 19, 15

The Hubsan X4 Plus Series Is Now Available On Gearbest!

  • The Hubsan X4 Plus Series Is Now Available On Gearbest!
The Hubsan X4 Plus Series Is Now Available On Gearbest!

Since the announcement of the ‘Plus’ versions of the Hubsan quadcopters at CES 2015, there has been a lot of buzz about the release date of the Hubsan X4 plus on the Internet. The Hubsan X4 Plus Series has 3 new quadcopters – H107P, H107C+ and H107D+.

If you too are looking forward to buying this great range of quadcopters, the great news is that these much-awaited quadcopters are now available on GearBest!

As of today (19/10) only the FPV model is in stock but we have been told that the other models should come available in the very near future so hang in there.

As far as we know Gearbest is the first website to have one of these new series drones available and in stock to purchase. The website is offering the quadcopters with free shipping, and with their helpful customer support you can easily navigate through the website and order your products at ease.

To know more about the Hubsan X4 Plus series, read our detailed article here.

Drone Features

Accessories In Box: 

1 x Transmitter 1 x Li-Po battery 1 x USB charging cable 4 x spare blades

Body Size: 

106 x 106 x 40 mm

Battery Flight Time: 

6 minutes

Max Video Resolution: 

720P 30 fps


50 - 150 meters

Remote Frequency: 

2.4GHz + 5.8GHz Video

Battery Charge Time: 

60 minutes

Motor Type: 

0820 Coreless motors

The Hubsan H107D has been upgraded to Hubsan FPV X4 Plus H107D+ RC Quadcopter , which is part of the much-anticipated Hubsan Plus quadcopter series. Its upgrades include a massive redesign that makes the body of the drone sturdier and more robust.

The H107D+ quadcopter is equipped with a 720P camera that is great for recording videos and taking aerial shots, with a resolution of 1280 x 720. The camera functions include video recording and photo shooting module.

It features a new 6-axis flight control system that can be adjusted for gyro sensitivity. This also promotes a...

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