King of the Railway - AR Book for Children

January, 11, 17

King of the Railway - AR Book for Children

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King of the Railway is a companion to the film Thomas and Friends. The app features the much-loved characters of the movie and all you may want to know about the new faces, Caitlin, Connor, Stephen and the Earl of Sodor.

It works with any android unit that has a camera. Due to its use of HD resolution 3D models, performance is based on the device’s memory and CPU power.

With this AR, you can help Fat Controller to load Thomas with crates. Race Spencer and Gordon to see who’s faster. Polish and Fix Thomas’s new pal, Stephen or Drive Jack, the Front Loader to rescue Stephen from the mine.

To view the characters, you can move your device around for a 360-degree experience. And to load the crates on Thomas or fix Stephen, you just touch the screen. For Spence or Gordon’s race, you tap the racing button and the joystick to drive Jack.

Steamies allow you to take incredible photos of you and your friends. You’ll first of all have to launch the free app by pointing your device’s camera at the red AR boxes in your King of the Railway Book while it’s flat open on a surface. Doing this brings Thomas and his friends to life.




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