The Little Mermaid - Magical AR Book

January, 11, 17

The Little Mermaid - Magical AR Book

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Books and Magic, a Danish firm, has taken The Little Mermaid, a fairy tale by Hans. A. Andersen, created a book out of it from which the images can be viewed via the company’s augmented reality app. Forget about the cartoon version because the book is largely based on the original fairy tale.

In it are hand drawn artworks designed to be directly related to the storyline and text. Scenes will be brought to life in 3D atmospheric environments. Interactive objects, animated characters and the sound compliment the book. We all know just how interactive 3D can get and so with that, the makers of this really created a gameplay that perfectly suits the book’s structure.

As a reader, you will be able to make use of a mobile device as you gateway into this ar experience. And with it, you will have some additional sense not of interactivity alone but freedom to explore the adventures from just about any angle. As you start, everything will be easy but as you progress to higher levels, the difficulty will also rise.

You can have the app by clicking here.



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