Marvelous Machines: Augmented Reality Children's Book

January, 11, 17

Marvelous Machines: Augmented Reality Children's Book

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Even mind blowing is not an adjective strong enough to describe Marvelous Machines. After a successful campaign on kickstarter, it finally come out late last year and it doesn’t disappoint at all. It’s an augmented reality book of its kind. With the app, you can bring the pages to life and just looking at the animations and other interactive features accompanying the story you’ll be sold out and so will your kids.

Best of all, the app is available on both Android and the iOS platform but besides that, there’s a total of thirty pages worth of incredible adventures awaiting you to explore them. Everything else from the speed to the color to the gravity and a lot more has been done to your satisfaction.

While maneuvering through it, you can rotate, zoom and fold with ease which adds to the fun experience you get as a family. Other features to expect from it include the great music and sound effects, crazy narrations, over 10 languages within the app plus costumes too.




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