Meet Sure Shot HD, the android-based gaming console

January, 16, 17

Meet Sure Shot HD, the android-based gaming console

  • Meet Sure Shot HD, the android-based gaming console
Meet Sure Shot HD, the android-based gaming console

Among the innovations that stole the show at CES 2017 was the Sure Shot HD digital console. Well, it’s not a life-changing kind of item; just another tool aimed at adding some fun to your life. Actually, it’s an android-based gaming console designed to let you play arcade shooting games right from the comfort of your seat at home.


Size-wise, the Sure Shot HD console is a little tiny- almost the size of a smartphone and has on these infrared lights patched on its front side. It links to your TV via an HDMI connection and also to the internet via Wi-Fi.  Not forgetting to mention the arcade-style wireless gun controller which makes use of Bluetooth connection to link to the unit.


One of the notable highlights of the Sure Shot HD is that it boasts a 1080p resolution which means you will only be experiencing high resolution game titles and on top of that cloud support. Setting it up is a painless task as you only pick a location either at the top or bottom of your television screen, connect all the necessary cables and then ensure its well positioned to work with the gun. It’s recommended that you plug the console’s USB power cord to the TV or display screen.

Game Selection

Big Buck Hunter Pro comes already featured in the unit and unlike the arcade version common in bowling alleys and bars, the game is in HD. Other than creating a user to record the scores on the leaderboards, you can as well enter online tournaments or if you wish play with a friend head-to-head.

Still, there are a couple of other game titles you can use with the Sure Shot HD. Best of all, the company itself, Sure Shot, came up with a platform (Sure Shot Shop) in which game developers can add their arcade-style shooting games.

For just $80, you can lay your hands on this game.


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