Mercury – The World's First Universal Camera

Mercury – The World's First Universal Camera

“What if you could shoot old Polaroid film, Fuji’s current Instax version, huge medium format negatives, large sheet film, and digital, all with the same camera?”

This is how the Kickstarter campaign for the new Mercury camera goes. Created by Mercury Works, The Mercury camera aims at being the first universally modular open camera system that has the capability to shoot in any format and using any lens.

Started as a Kickstarter campaign, the creators have successfully met their goal of $50,000 with 213 backers pledging $52,438.

Mercury – The World's First Universal Camera

The camera makes use of a complicated organization of adapters and modules and has been designed in a way that you can use any lens with any film or digital format. The Mercury is primarily made up of the Front that supports the lens stack, focus spacers as well as the mount adapters, and the Back that can be attached to different film holders, packs and digital backs.

One of the most advantageous features of the Mercury is that it gives users much more control over formats that are usually very limiting. For instance, when using the Fujifilm Instax instant film, photographers can get full exposure control as well as the choice to use several lenses, but these selections aren’t possible when using Fuji’s own Instax cameras.

Mercury – The World's First Universal Camera

There still are plenty of challenges before Mercury can become truly universal, as it has been intended to work mainly with medium and large format optics. DSLR lens adapters will be available for Canon and Nikon, but these lenses don’t have shutters as DSLRs put the shutter inside of the camera. Modern DSLR lenses also aren’t equipped with aperture rings, so applying an aperture control system is required.

Mercury Work, the company behind this camera, aims to bring medium and large format photography to a forefront and also wants to create a community that will support and continue to revolutionize and add value to the product.


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