Microsoft Announces New Controller – Xbox Elite

June, 18, 15

Microsoft Announces New Controller – Xbox Elite

  • Microsoft Announces New Controller – Xbox Elite
Microsoft Announces New Controller – Xbox Elite

Microsoft announced their new generation controller, called the Xbox Elite, at their E3 2015 press conference. Created for Windows 10 and Xbox One, this Wireless Controller has been described by Xbox chief Phil Spencer as "an elite controller for the elite gamer."

The Xbox Elite will be equipped with new features like 4 interchangeable paddles, remappable buttons, completely swappable components and Hair Trigger Locks for precise control in shooters. The paddles are stainless steel and can be completely removed. When kept attached, they let you keep your fingers on the thumbsticks all the time.

People using the controller will also have complete customization of thumbstick sensitivity and minimum/maximum levels for its top triggers. All these settings and the button mapping option can be monitored using an application, which will release for Xbox One and Windows 10.

Microsoft has claimed that al the setting and preferences that you make will be stored in the cloud and you can add up to 2 user profiles on the gamepad.

While these new features are pretty cool, if you want to buy the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller it would come cheap. It will cost $149.99 when it releases in stores.

Here's a look at the design and features:



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