Monsters Inc. – Augmented Reality Book

January, 11, 17

Monsters Inc. – Augmented Reality Book

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An amazing Monstropolis world. With its digital magic on AR, Monsters, Inc. brings all your favorite furry friends to life with mind-boggling animations that you can interact with on your computer screen.

With this book, you can see what you’d look like as a monster (also allows you to dress up as a monster virtually), become friends with Mike and view him as he does impressive tricks. You can even go ahead to play a game right on the scare floor where among other things you can slam the door on Rascal Randall.

It features four amazing augmented reality trigger cards being held in front of your webcam to start up the interactive animations. The AR book is an excellent guide to the characters of both Monsters University and Monsters Inc. movies as it’s filled with fun facts and tons of other exciting features.



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