Pokémon Go - Upcoming Future Patch Updates

July, 25, 16

Pokémon Go - Upcoming Future Patch Updates

  • Pokémon Go - Upcoming Future Patch Updates
Pokémon Go - Upcoming Future Patch Updates

UPDATE 25/12/2016 – Pokémon Go fans can rejoice because the Christmas events have started! Starting today till 3 January 2017, the app will offer players the chance to get free Incubators and Gen 2 eggs.

Players get a single-use Incubator the first time they go to a PokeStop, and they also have a better chance of finding Gen 2 Pokemon like Togepi and Pichu. On December 30, players can also find Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venusaur, Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard, Squirtle, Wartortle, and Blastoise easily. Lure modules last for double the amount of time than usual as well.

There are holiday packs available in the in game shop, and include –

Special Box – 10x Great Balls, 2x Incubators (250 coins)

Great Box – 20x Great Balls, 2x Incense, 4x Incubators (550 coins)

Ultra Box – 20x Ultra Balls, 25x Incense, 6x Incubators (1500 coins)

pokémon Go - Upcoming Future Patch Updates

UPDATE 5/12/2016: Players finally have the ability to catch Dittos in the game. Finding and using Ditto in Pokémon Go in very simple, so if you haven’t caught yours already, catch ‘em now!

Another new addition is the Pokémon Go tracker that has finally arrived and makes finding Pokémon near you much easier. Before, the system used was to see the number of footsteps that indicated the distance to the Pokémon, but this didn’t always work properly.

With the new tracker, players can still tap on the bottom right to see a list of the 9 nearest Pokémon. On taping the Pokémon, you can see a picture disc of the PokéStop it is nearest to and on tapping the footprints icon, the Pokémon gets marked to track.

There are also talks of a Pokémon Go Christmas update that will bring a number of different bonuses, in-game events and new tournaments for the players.

In other news, Pokémon Go was Google Play's top trending game worldwide for 2016!

Pokémon Go - Upcoming Future Patch Updates

UPDATE 15/11/2016 - If you are wondering what will the next Pokémon update be, then there are quite a few that fans can look forward to. Pokémon Go developer Niantic is going to be releasing a big update that will be coming with exciting new features and will help enhance the popular app even more.

The next major Pokémon Go update is said to bring some huge features to the popular Niantic app. It will bring Player vs. Player battles and will also come with a full range of second generation Pokémon. Some reports even suggest that the game will be introducing a new baby Pokémon feature that could replace the Egg evolutions, though Niantic has not yet confirmed this.

Rumors about a brand new Nearby feature, Ditto and Legendary Pokémon are also rife on the internet.

When is the next update for Pokémon Go? If reports are to be believed, it will be rolling out this year end in December.


UPDATE 24/8/2016 - Pokémon GO is being updated to version 0.35.0 for Android and 1.5.0 for iOS and will now offer Implemented Pokémon Appraisal. This allows Trainers to find out about a Pokémon’s attack and defense capabilities from their Team Leader to figure out which of their Pokémon have the highest potential for battle.

There are also latest reports that say the new update may even allow eggs to hatch faster than they do now. If this is true, then it’ll definitely be a welcome change as all players already know it’s no picnic to hatch an egg!


It has barely been any time since the newest Pokémon Go game was released and it has already become a worldwide sensation. Everywhere you look, you will see people staring at their screen trying to catch Pokémon, using Pokémon Go to drive business or even fining strange things in the real world looking for these creatures! 

This immense success is what has made Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke talk about what more the game wants to offer and address the burning questions players and fans have been asking about any new features and updates that they can look forward to.

Hanke as claimed in numerous interviews that plan to make small upgrades regularly to keep the game up and running perfectly specially since the number of people playing it is extremely high. Pokémon Go is also nowhere near its full potential, and Niantic Labs wants to work out all the kinks and add a bunch of amazing new upgrades in the future. 

Here are some cool features players can expect in future upgrades!

Pokémon Trading 

Players were very disappointed when they found out that Pokémon Go does not allow Pokémon trading between traders in the game. But since the immense success of the game, Hanke says that trading is one of the biggest things that the company will work on for future updates. Nothing has been disclosed about how this feature will work or what mechanics will be announced with it. 

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Competition among the game’s players is a key element but it is quite underrepresented in Pokémon GO. In the older Pokémon games, players had the option to battle, but in pokemon Go, you only get to battle creatures that have been left at their Team’s Gyms.

Niantic Labs wants to put a system in place for tracking who is doing better in the game and this is something players can look forward to in future updates. They want to showcase the scores on Leaderboards that make it easier to keep track and create more of an atmosphere of competition between players.

Improved PokéStops and Gyms

PokéStops are a place for players to collect and buy items that help them in catching Pokémon and adding them to their collection. To do this, players just have to go to the landmarks and then spin the middle the Pokémon logo that has a picture of the landmark inside. But according to Niantic Labs this is nothing close to what they had originally envisioned for the Gyms and PokéStops to be. Hanke claims that future upgrades will bring the ability to “customize their functions in other ways.” 

Better Artificial Reality Capabilities

Pokemon Go works by adding overlay characters in real-world locations using your smartphone, to make it seem like the Pokémon are there with you! Hanke says that Niantic Labs wants to bring some major changes to this very mechanic that the game works on and make the fusion of augmented reality and the real world much better.

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