ProDrone Changes Name To GDU

ProDrone Changes Name To GDU

ProDrone has been known around the world as a leading manufacturer of consumer drones that focuses on power and portability. Recently, they announced their decision to change the company’s name from the well-known ProDrone Technology (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd to Global Drone Union (GDU).

The name change came due to a conflict between another company of the same name, and the legal battle between the two delayed the production and shipping of the drone manufacturer’s newest range of drones, the Byrd - Standard, Advanced and Premium models.

Joseph Haagensen, Community Manager for GDU, spoke on the matter saying, "We had a choice to either focus on research and development to help solve some of the biggest problems in the consumer drone industry or spend time on frivolous litigation. We chose to do what was necessary to get product into the hands of customers that have been patiently waiting for Byrd.”

“We are renewed in our commitment to the consumers that want a drone that fits their exact needs in power and portability. We are just frustrated that this process has ultimately delayed our production and ability to ship product to already interested customers and distributors,” he continued.

The trademark problems started when another company with a very similar name submitted trademarks a few days apart and both the companies were seeking rights in different countries. Once the trademark complications were revealed, the subsequent legal battle paused the production of the Byrd product line. But instead of getting deeper into legal matters, GDU decided that they would rather focus on creating consumer drones and rebrand.

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