Super Mario Run To Launch in Google Play Store In March 2017

January, 22, 17

Super Mario Run To Launch in Google Play Store In March 2017

  • Super Mario Run To Hit Google Play Store In March 2017
Super Mario Run To Hit Google Play Store In March 2017

When it launched on iOS, Super Mario Run recorded over 40 million downloads in just under four days. Nothing like that had been seen before except for Pokémon Go which did also record stellar downloads when it launched on the same platform. News about Super Mario Run launching on Android first come from the company’s official twitter account.

Nintendo is still fresh into the mobile-based space, having resisted the urge to venture into it for fear of losing out on the sales of its handheld units. However, when they finally did, they choose to do it on iOS. Android no doubt has an edge over other mobile-based operating systems when it comes to app number and versatility so it baffles many that such a huge launch would bypass them and launch on Apple’s app store first.

Anyway, if Super Mario Run sounds like nothing you’ve heard before, try to imagine a guy named Mario and his gang running through a level and as the player, you decide how he jumps as you collect coins, just like in Temple Run, only that you have no power over his running. That’s what it's like playing Mario.

Away from that, the same scene witnessed with Apple could repeat itself when the Super Mario Run finally launches on Android in March because they have the numbers to make it happen. Like the iOS version, the Android version will be a free-to-try app. First three levels are given to you free of charge but going beyond that will set you back a one-time payment of $10. You can pre-register for it right now on Android and you’ll be notified when the game is finally available for play.

Very great to note is that Nintendo has promised to put out more mobile-based games namely Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem and add more others in 2017.


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