Top 5 Accessories For Wakeboarding

Top 5 Accessories For Wakeboarding

Capturing yourself while wakeboarding is all about getting the right angles. With the GoPro cameras you have a number of ways to record yourself and you can choose from which angle your captured footage will look best.

1. GoPro Board Mounts

The best point for video capturing is from your board and it can be done by attaching the camera right on your board itself. The camera is attached on a baseplate that is installed a foot from the tip of the board.

This mount will let you have a third person view so that you can record a video of you on the board while doing stunts. But make sure that you tilt the camera at least 30-45 degrees upwards so you can get the full view.

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2. Gopro Wriststrap

You can attach your camera to a lanyard and tie it around your wrist for a first person vie of your water sports adventure. But to get a good shot you may have to hold the camera at an angle.

While this makes for a cheap alternative than others, it can become quite cumbersome and the shots ay come out too shaky. Another accessory you can use is a wrist housing.

With this, you can secure the GoPro camera flat against your wrist instead of having it dangle from your wrist. This is much more convenient because when you want t record, all you have to do is pivot your arm upright. This will also leave your hands and arms free for when you aren’t recording with the camera. You will also be able to get in quite a few different shots from varied angles with this one.

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3. GoPro Headstrap

You can get another first person view with the GoPro head strap mount. By using this mount you can show others a perfect ‘experience’ first hand.

The one size alterable head mount strap is very easy to wear and because the mount is located right over your head, it delivers an outstanding eye level point of view.

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Apart from these great accessories, you can also choose some for protecting you GoPro camera and making sure that it is safe while you film.

4. GoPro Floaty Backdoor

If you want to use your GoPro camera in or around water, you need to ensure that your camera doesn’t sink into the deep and let lost. The GoPro Floaty Backdoor is a floatation device that lets your camera float on top and never get lost in difficult waters.

So incase your camera falls off while wakeboarding or gets detached from the board mount, you can easily locate it and not lose it into the deep waters. The accessories’ bright color makes it easy to find and the device comes with 2 anchors and 2 tethers.

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5. GoPro Dive Housing

The GoPro Dive Housing has been designed to give your precious GoPro camera maximum protection around water and not get damaged by any elements. It is great for any water sport. Even though the cameras are built for extreme adventures and are itself very study, they can always do with a little extra protection.

The housing also gives sharpness to photos and videos underwater in all resolutions. It has a large, flat glass lens that captures the perfect footage free of vignetting in any resolution setting.

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The FloatPro Floating Wrist Strap For GoPro & Waterproof Camera has high buoyancy and can fit all GoPro Hero cameras as well as most other compact waterproof cameras that weigh up to 8oz. (226g). It will float your camera above water, and keep it from drowning, while the bright colored strap makes it easy to be found.

Comfortable on your wrists, it has been made using the highest quality neoprene materials and has a strong and durable lanyard that holds onto the device even in rocky waters. The lanyard length is also perfect to take pictures comfortably.

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The CamKix Surf Mouth Mount Kit for GoPro Hero 5 Hero 4 Session comes as a kit that contains a Mouth Mount, a Floater as well as a Wetsuit Tether Leash. Keep your action camera safe at all times while keeping your hands free, making it the perfect accessory for water sports.

The included Mouth Mount has breathable vents on either side that lets you breathe and doesn’t constrict anything, while the Floater and the Wetsuit Tether Leash offer more security to the GoPro camera. The camera can be attached to the wetsuit’s pull tab zipper by using both the loops on both ends.

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