Top 7 GoPro Accessories For Hiking

Top 7 GoPro Accessories For Hiking

Hiking and trekking are some of the favorite adventures that everyone likes to go on. The long nature walks, the beautiful scenery, the great weather and the amazing adrenaline rush you get is unmatched.

When using your GoPro camera for hiking, make sure you carry these useful camera accessories along with you to make sure you capture the most beautiful snapshots ever!

You can easily turn your Capture Camera Clip into a convenient mount by using the Peak Design P.O.V Kit Action Camera Mount. Used as an accessory to the Capture Camera Clip (sold separately) this can turn any backpack strap or belt into a mount. This also includes a J-Arm for GoPro cameras that allows for easy mounting.

It has a point-and-shoot adapter and can be used with the GoPro or any other leading P.O.V. action camera brands like Sony and Contour. This mount accessory works with all versions of Capture, but works best with Capture v2 and CapturePRO.

p.o...Read full review

A GoPro camera is rather costly and not something that you would want to lose as it can cost $300-$400. This is why you should always attach a safety leash of some kind to it. An average point and shoot GoPro wrist leash that can be cinch shut will be great.Read full review

If you want to get a first person view of your hiking adventures, then the GoPro head strap mount is the best accessory for you. Bu using this mount you can show others a perfect ‘experience’ first hand. It will also leave your hands free to carry and take care of other things without having to hold the camera all the time.

The one size alterable head mount strap is very easy to wear and because the mount is located right over your head, it delivers an outstanding eye level point of view.Read full review

The Telescopic Handheld Professional Monopod Camera Extender Pole with Tripod Mount can be used with a variety of different smartphones including most Samsung and Apple models, digital cameras and GoPro action cameras.

The mount features a soft foam handle that is non-slip and can be comfortably held on to without the fear of sliding out of your hand. The mount at the other end can be rotated 180 degrees to change the angle and take pictures or record videos. The wrist strap is an additional point of security because it lets you hold onto the mount with ease.Read full review

The Anker 2nd Gen Astro E3 10000mAh External Battery uses its specially created PowerIQ™ technology to effectively identify the connected device’s recharge rate and accordingly supplies the power needed. This is great as not all charging ports are created equal and this smart technology lets you efficiently recharge your GoPro camera without limiting the charging speed.

With its 10000mAh battery capacity you can charge your action camera to keep on recording amazing videos and limiting your time. The portable power bank is 0.59in thin and thus is an unobtrusive and lightweight...Read full review

Compatible with the GoPro cameras, this Chest Mount is extremely necessary for hiking as it will leave your hands free and let you get great shots of your adventure. It is comfortable, has an adjustable design that fits everyone and can also be easily worn over large jackets.

It is recommended to be used as a more immersive way to record or capture your hiking adventures and will give a more ‘below the helmet view’, allowing you to film in multiple angles.

You can buy this accessory here .Read full review

The Carbon Fiber GoPro Case has a design made especially for the GoPro Hero 4 or 3+ cameras and its accessories. The compartments inside hold all the items in place and will keep them snug, due to the case’s Anti-Shock EVA Padding Material. On the outside, it is firm, lightweight and tough and has been made from Carbon Fiber to give complete protection.

The whole case is waterproof and its zippers too are sturdy and don’t let any unwanted substances enter the case. It also comes with a carrying strap that can be attached to your bag for convenient travelling.Read full review

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