Top Cheats And Tricks For Pokémon GO

Top Cheats And Tricks For Pokémon GO

Pokémon Go has taken over the world and everywhere you look there are people walking around glued to their phones, trying to catch em’ all! If you are a part of this phenomenon and just can’t get enough of the newest augmented reality game, then you’ll definitely need some help to get ahead.

Our article has some super important and very necessary cheats and tricks that can help you catch Pokémon, understand different features and even find out some new things you didn’t know about!

Read on to get answers to some critical Pokémon Go questions.

How to catch Pikachu right at the beginning?

In the beginning of Pokémon Go, every player has the option to pick Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle as their first companion, just like in the original game. But what most players don’t know is that they actually also have a hidden fourth option - Pikachu!  

The process is really simple, buy you just need a little bit of patience. When Professor Willow presents you with the 3 options, just walk away and the Pokémon will follow you around and then simply disappear. Do this 4 times and you will finally be presented with Pikachu, which you can then capture. While there isn’t really any strategic advantage to doing this, you will get to hang out with your favorite Pokémon longer! 

Top Cheats And Tricks For Pokémon GO

How to find nearby Pokémon?

You can see which Pokémon are lurking nearby, by clicking the menu located at the bottom-right corner of the screen. This displays outlines of up to 9 Pokémon, as well as 1 to 3 footprints under each. These footsteps represent the distance between you and the Pokémon, where 1 footstep represents closeness and 3 shows that they are far. They are also displayed by distance, as the Pokémon on the top-left will be closest to you and the one at the bottom-right farthest.

How do you throw a Pokéball?

To capture a Pokémon in the game, you have to throw a Pokéball at them, which is done by flicking it on the screen at a Pokémon. It sounds easier than done, as it has to land exactly on the Pokémon, or it wouldn’t do anything.

On pressing a Pokéball, a ring comes up around the Pokémon, and if it’s green it means that the Pokémon is easy to catch, while a red one means it’s more difficult. The ring will also adjust in size and when the size is smaller it makes it easier to catch Pokémon, especially ones that are harder-to-catch.

Top Cheats And Tricks For Pokémon GO

How do you throw a curve ball?

Curve balls are just another way to throw the Pokéball and catch Pokémon, but if done right and it leads to a catch, they can also increase your experience points! To throw a curve ball, create small circles on the screen by moving your finger, and touching the Pokéball and then throw it. 

Though, it is still unclear if using a curve ball actually increases the chances of capturing a Pokémon.

What are Supercharged Pokéballs?

Once you are past level 11, you can start collecting Great Balls and Ultra Balls at PokéStops. These are more successful at catching wild Pokémon, especially the rare ones.

How will turning off AR help catch Pokémon?

When you turn of the smartphone’s camera, you turn off the game’s augmented reality layer. In some cases, players have had more luck catching Pokémon with their AR off, as this makes them show right in the middle of the screen. While it makes them much easier targets, it isn’t as much fun!

How to lure out Pokémon?

Pokémon Go has the items Incense and Lure Module that will help you attract more Pokémon. The Lure Module is stronger and can be used on a particular location for a certain period of time and will help bring easy to rare creatures to you. They make PokéStops good places for finding and catching Pokémon, and you can also recognize a PokéStop that has an attached Lure Module by checking for fluttering pink petals around it. 

At many places you will also see Lure Modules that have been used by other players, and a lot of people will be hanging around them too. Many companies are also using this as a great way to drive traffic to businesses using Pokémon Go, since players are attracted to these Pokémon in trying to catch them!

Top Cheats And Tricks For Pokémon GO

How many Pokémon of the same species should you catch?

Quantity is key when it comes to catching Pokémon in the game, as every time you catch one you are awarded with Stardust and Candy. Stardust can be used to power up and Candy helps in evolving Pokémon.

While Stardust can be used with any Pokémon, the Candy you are given is specific to the Pokémon captured. On catching the first of a species, you will get around 5 to 10 Candies and then 3 to 5 for following catches. Players will also get a Candy when they handover a Pokémon to Professor Willow.

What’s the Pokédex?

The Pokédex helps in keeping track of the Pokémon you’ve collected as well as which species you haven’t encountered yet. You can go to the Pokédex by pressing on the Pokéball located on the main screen, and will show very detailed information about your Pokémon.

What are Lucky Eggs?

Lucky Eggs are extremely useful in leveling up, as when they are used sets off a 30-minute timer where you gain twice the number of experience points than usual! Players get 1 Lucky Egg when they reach level 9, and then others are given at succeeding levels. They can also be bought at the store using PokéCoins.

To get the most out of them, make sure to use them wisely and at appropriate times. When using Lucky Eggs try to complete high-XP tasks, time it with multiple Pokémon evolutions, or use it with a lure, in order to reap the maximum benefits. 

Top Cheats And Tricks For Pokémon GO

How do you collect items at PokéStops?

Pokéstops can be found on the game’s map by locating floating blue cubes.  When you press them, more information will be provided regarding that landmark. The aim is to collect items from the Pokéstops, so you have to be close enough to the landmark to do so. Once the app considers it correct, you can swipe the image of the landmark on your screen to spin it, making it throw our 3 or more items. 

Once the items have been taken, the Pokéstop turns from blue to purple, but as they are refreshed every 5 minutes, you can come back and get more! 

What items are available at the Pokéstops?

If you have just started playing the game, you will be mostly presented with Pokéballs and sometimes an egg at PokéStops. Eggs can be kept in the incubator, which is given to each player in the beginning, and these eggs then hatch into Pokémon once the player has traveled a certain distance.

As your level increases, the items that are available at the Pokéstops become more special –

  • When you reach level 5, you can get Potions, Revive, and Incense. Both Potions and Revive help an injured Pokémon, where Revive workd with Pokémon that have fainted and Potions heal Pokémon that have become weak by increasing their HP. On the other hand, Incense helps in luring wild Pokémon to you.
  • At level 8, you can collect Razz Berries as well as a Lure Module. Razz Berries make wild Pokémon less likely to escape Pokéballs, while Lure Modules are also a way to lure creature, but are much more powerful.
  • On level 9 you will get Lucky Eggs that gives you twice the number of experience points than usual within a 30-minute limit.
  • Level 12 onwards you can get powerful Great Balls that increase the possibility of seizing a wild Pokémon.
  • On reaching level 20, you will get even more successful Ultra Balls.

Top Cheats And Tricks For Pokémon GO


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