Watch The DJI 24 May Event Live

Watch The DJI 24 May Event Live

There is going to be a new drone in town!

After the recent leaks of a new drone by DJI had surfaced on the Internet, fans everywhere have been waiting with eager breaths. The announcement of a 24 May event seems like it could be the release date for this drone.

Called the DJI Mavic Pro’s little brother, the much-awaited DJI Spark is smaller and comes with some great flight features.

DJI’s new May invite says “seize the moment” and puts emphasis on a BIG announcing and seeing this emphasis on size, rumors are running wild that this could finally be it.

Those who were lucky enough to be invited to the event being held in New York at 11:30 am EDT, will be able to get a first-hand experience of what is actually happening with the leading drone and quadcopter manufacturing company, but for those who weren’t invited, there is good news too!

Sitting at home, DJI fans have the opportunity to view the event as it happens live and keep abreast with the details.

Click here for viewing the event live!

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