What is the Price of A Website Development?

What is the Price of A Website Development?

  • What is the Price of A Website Development
What is the Price of A Website Development

As soon as you decided to make a new website for your business, it is necessary to learn prices for a web design, to search for the developer and to cut a deal. It is a complicated and stressful process because the prices vary a lot.

There are three main reasons making website pricing so difficult:

  • Every project is unique
  • Requirements may change
  • Unskilled developers

The cost structure of a website is composed of working hours multiplied by rate and relies on the following factors: technical and creative complexity, labor costs, level of trust and expertise of a team, and the company size (usually, the larger the company, the higher the rate is)

Technical Complexity depends on the web development, which includes the following stages: research, identity design, planning & prototyping, web design, front end and back end development, content adding.

Besides, the web development embraces two methodologies: waterfall and agile. The first one means stage-by-stage work without any change to your requirements. The other methodology refers to provision, of a finished stage of the project by the development team for every week.

As a rule, a combination of these methods is used by the companies.

Platforms, frameworks, and CMS

The Content Management System (CMS) is the platform, which enables you to edit the website content. There are different CMS and frameworks used by the web development companies.

There are standard CMS like Joomla or Wordpress, which suit to simple, structure consisting of header, menu, newsfeed and footer. A custom CMS is required for more complex design and a lot of features, such as registration of users, personal profiles, and bonus system.

It is recommended to consult the developer regarding the type of CMS to use.

Additional costs of web development

A lot of things may influence on the cost of the project, including animation, production, changes and integrations.

Creative complexity

A certain level of creativity is required for any web project. You need professionals who can implement an interesting concept or a story using the available technologies.

Hourly Rate

There are many factors influencing on the rate of a project and it is important to understand them for the right proposal for your business.

The level of expertise will cost money if you need expertise, solutions, and research performed by the agency.

The labor cost for website design in every region is different. The workforce in the poor countries is cheaper.

The more complex projects require larger companies because they can hire the various specialists. The services of large companies are more expensive.

Hiring a company with high trust level mitigates your risks. It is a kind of a promise than your project won’t fail.

If the current workload of a company is high, so the cost will be higher. It is an attribute of a quite good company.

Pitfalls of the Estimate Process

To avoid misunderstanding of requirements do not forget that obvious things are not so obvious and it is better to “over-communicate”.

Changing requirements can cause additional payments.

Provide a detailed RFP in order to avoid agency’s misestimation.

Now the pricing of a website design should become easier.


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