Xiaomi Yi Action Camera


Max Video Resolution: 

1080P 60/30 fps
720P 120/60/30 fps
480P 240/120/60/30 fps



Body Size: 


Weight (KG): 


Waterproof (Meters) : 


Camera Features

LCD Disply
Mobile App
Wireless Connectivity


The Xiaomi Yi Action Camera is capable of recording videos at 1080p and 60 frames per second) and even has a 16 MP camera with Sony’s Exmor R BSI CMOS image sensor. It comes with a memory of 64 GB and weighs 72g with a battery bigger than most of its competitors.

It is waterproof till 40 meters. The camera can be controlled using a smartphone app, just like most of Xiaomi’s other products. The only missing element is the lack of rigging or casing, which makes it difficult to protect to camera when taking it to shoot extreme sports. Though, you can buy a ‘travel edition’ that includes a selfie stick mount.

Apart from this, it appears that the camera can be fastened on to almost anything and recording and taking pictures is super easy. It also has a low price that makes this camera a great substitue for GoPro.



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