Your Drone Crashed? Here’s What To Do

Your Drone Crashed? Here’s What To Do

The worst that could happen to your drone already happened: it has crashed. It’s broken or probably in pieces and that sucks. But you can’t undo the action either. You watched it ram into tree branches or a wall and as if helpless and running out of breath, fell down to the ground with a bang.

Sounds familiar? Great. Maybe your situation is kind of different but the result is the same: your drone is broken, in pieces or it has simply refused to work. So if you are stuck and not sure what to do next, I have prepared a couple of helpful solutions for you.

Refer Online

Chances are high someone else already encountered a situation similar to yours and probably went out of their way to find a solution and shared it out. And if you are a drone owner, it should be obvious that you a little bit about the tech space.

YouTube, Forums, Online communities are some of the popular spaces you will easily find a person with the right solution to your specific problem. Start off with YouTube. Mostly you’ll find detailed videos giving a step by step guide to managing the problem.

Popular YouTube channels you could check out include:

Take it to a Service Center

If you can’t seem to find the exact solution to your drone’s problems online, then it’s time to try out a real professional.  Already, we have service centers with full-time professionals who know better what to do to your crashed drone.

So look out for one in your area. What’s good about finding a professional is that they make the work quick and above all else, they will probably share with you a couple of pro tips on how you should take care of quad thereafter.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with your manufacturer and ask to know if they have authorized dealers in your area.

Ship it to the manufacturer

To be honest, this is one of those experiences you should ready yourself to curse and hate. Unfortunately, if the other two options haven’t worked out for you, this is the best you have left.

Usually, it takes longer than the aforementioned two options and sometimes you will face warranty disputes and a customer care service that isn’t exactly friendly.  Of course you will have your quad repaired for free if the crash has nothing to do with an error on your part but rather a defect on the quad. But keep in mind this won’t be a smooth process at all.

More importantly, if you are offered insurance while purchasing a drone, be sure to take it as this could save you big time when such crashes happen. Go Pro’s insurance coverage will, for instance, entitle you to an immediate Karma replacement for a price that is lower than the initial price. DJI too offers a DJI Care plan for its Phantom 4 Drones.

Final Thoughts

At the moment, these three options make the best and probably the only solutions you have in getting your crashed drone back to life. Since it’s a relatively new space in the tech industry, customer service is still at its initial stages but moving into the future, this is guaranteed to change.

Usually, it’s best to try out the first two before shipping the quad back to its manufacturer.  Honestly speaking, customer service among manufacturers desperately needs an overhaul.  DJI is notably among the worst performing in customer service.

But all hope is not lost as others such as 3D robotics are putting the required effort needed to refine their customer service.  Either way, all the three are still the best options we have to date.

To be on the safer side, here’s a compilation of tips on how to avoid drone crashes and flyaways too.


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